The Best White Wines in MI


If you are a wine lover and love to explore different wine options to soothe your taste buds, we believe Michigan is the place to explore wine options. Northern Michigan is known for its abundance in fresh wine and exotic wine stores. There are plenty of vineyards and wine events that we recommend you visit to get the full-on wine experience. We suggest arranging a wine tour to explore the different vineyards in the city and get to taste a variety of different wines. The Northern Michigan wine industry is massive and explosive and provides you with an opportunity to stay in touch with nature while you sit back and sip on a glass of wine.

The Best White Wines in MI

White wine

White wine is the backbone of the wine industry in Michigan. The climate we have here favors the production of white wine. The white wine is bottled at Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau County. There are a variety of white wines that you can choose from when you visit Northern Michigan. Listed below are some of the top white wines we recommend you try.

Northern Michigan Riesling

Riesling is the hallmark variety that is grown in Michigan. It is a German import whose taste is magnified by the different seasonal growth conditions in the area. The Old Mission Peninsula and Leelanau County are unique for the production of Riesling because they have many micro-climates. The slight variations in temperatures and breezes are influential in the taste of the wine. Most of the Rieslings in Northern Michigan as we have tasted, are on the sweet side, but you can find dry and semi-dry tastes as well.

Ice Wine

We experience cold winters in Michigan, which have an advantage in ice wine. Grapes are left to linger on the vineyards after autumn’s harvest making them frozen and pressing them while they are frozen. This pushes the chemical limit of the wine, and the resulting wine is flavorful, sweet and tastes like nectar from the gods.

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine comes in a range of taste and can be made from grapes that can make both red and white wine. We recommend visiting some of the vineyards to learn how sparkling wine is made.

The Best White Wines in MI

White Hybrids

The first grapes that were planted in Northern Michigan include white hybrids. The white hybrid is a cross breed of Vitis riparia, Vitis rupestris, and Vitis vinifera. These different breeds on their own cannot survive some of the cold temperatures in Northern Michigan. However, the hybrid grows perfectly and can produce grapefruit even through the nastiest and coldest winter.

You are spoilt for choice when you visit Michigan and want to visit a vineyard or wine farm. We recommend going to Black Star Farms which has some of the best white wines especially the Riesling. Other farms we recommend visiting are Chateau Grand Traverse, Chateau Chantal, Bowers Harbor, and Brys Estate. You will get the full-on wine experience in these farms and get to try white wine like never before.