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Check out The Upper Peninsula Wineries in Michigan

By FelMasterMind | April 15, 2019

Navigation: Michigan is More than Just Great Lakes The Wine Trails of the Upper Peninsula The Ultimate Upper Peninsula Michigan is More than Just Great Lakes Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is getting a lot of national attention these days. We know why. It’s our Upper Peninsula wineries. Genuine wine connoisseurs almost always know where to find…

What To Do With My Kids On Summer Break in Grand Rapids?

By FelMasterMind | April 12, 2019

Navigation: Grand Rapids Children’s Museum Grand Haven City Beach Food Tour Summer is synonymous with fun for children. It is a time when they can sit back and rest after a grueling school year. It is when they discover things outside the classroom. A time when they can pursue their interests. Grand Rapids offers some…

Looking for Michigan Clothing? Think Livnfresh

By FelMasterMind | April 8, 2019

There’s a great place to live and vacation that has nearly everything within reach. It has snowy winters find us enveloped in the coziness of soft pajamas while sitting by a roaring fire with a good book. Perhaps active winter sporting activities that accompany the season ranging from upscale ski areas to vast unspoiled cross…

How To Throw An Epic Final 4 Party

By FelMasterMind | April 5, 2019

Navigation: Most Important Party Feature: Food, Food, Food The Final 4 Party Menu Michigan Guests Love What’s a Final 4 Party Without Beverages? For the Michigan Final 4 Party, the Final Finish: Desserts   Throw an Epic Final 4 Party for Michigan Guests. When it’s Final 4 time rolls around, it’s party time for family,…

The Best Beaches on Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City

By FelMasterMind | April 1, 2019

Navigation: Haserot Beach Park Bryant Park Lighthouse Park and Old Mission Point Park Old Mission Peninsula extends northward from Traverse City. In all, it is three miles wide and 19 miles long. Surrounded by pristine, clear, fresh water, the peninsula divides Grand Traverse Bay into west and east bays. This countryside offers exquisite nature walks…

Things To Do on a Staycation in Petoskey, Michigan

By FelMasterMind | March 29, 2019

Navigation: 1. Magnus City Park Beach 2. The Historic Gaslight District 3. The Odawa Casino Resort 4. Petoskey Winter Sports Park 5. Petoskey Farms Vineyard and Winery 6. The Bear River Valley Recreation Area If you live in or near Northern Michigan, there is no reason to spend a fortune on your next vacation or…

A List of The Best Wine Tour Companies And Why We Love Them

By FelMasterMind | March 25, 2019

Navigation: 1. Leelanau Peninsula Trail 2. The Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula While California and Florida receive all of the attention for wine production, Michigan is quietly making some of the bests strains in the country. Locals and visitors in the know prefer to keep Michigan’s involvement in the industry under wraps. This means less…

Where Can I Buy Cool Michigan Themed T Shirts?

By FelMasterMind | March 22, 2019

Michiganders are a step apart from the rest. If you love Michigan, you know what it means to put your hand up and use it as a map. You love the lake, you know how to drive in the snow, and you know how to show off that mitten state pride. This is exactly the…

The Best Ice Cream In The U.S. Is located in Traverse City

By FelMasterMind | March 18, 2019

Navigation: Homemade Taste Unique & Custom Flavors A Total Dairy Farm Experience Ice cream is that rich, cool treat that reminds us of summer, childhood and the thrill of teasing our taste buds with wondrous flavors. Basic Neapolitan or vanilla from the corner store can satisfy, but for true connoisseurs, only premium ice creams will…

Things To Do In Traverse City On A Stay-Cation For Spring Break

By FelMasterMind | March 15, 2019

Navigation: A Day at Incredible Mo’s Take Aim at Shooters Head for the Hickory Hills Discover Local Wineries Hike the Sleeping Bear Dunes Cast Off Fore! Eat Up The spring break tradition for a majority of college students is to head to a beach. It is understandable that after being cooped up in a classroom…

Where to Eat in Grand Rapids While ArtPrize is Going On

By Donald Herrera Fairbairn | September 19, 2016

If you’re planning to spend some time in Grand Rapids while the ArtPrize event is going on (starting this wednesday) and you will be trying to spend as much time in the heart of the action as possible, there’s a good chance you’re going to be eating out once or twice each day that you…

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Warren’s Mayor Plans to Annihilate Mosquitos

By Donald Herrera Fairbairn | September 19, 2016

If you are fed up with mosquitoes in Warren, MI, you should be happy to hear that Mayor Jim Fouts is “declaring war” on the pests. Actually, it seems more like the target is people who live in Warren since the city is going to be warning and fining people for having standing water on…

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Boutique Hotels Planned for Downtown Detroit

By Donald Herrera Fairbairn | September 17, 2016

With a goal of having a cultural hub in downtown Detroit as the hotel lobby, major players from Shinola and Quicken Loans are getting together to build a boutique hotel that will have 130-plus rooms. Even better, foodies should be happy to hear that the Nobu Hospitality Group will be operating the on-site restaurants. With…

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Universoul Circus Making its way to Michigan

By Donald Herrera Fairbairn | September 14, 2016

With tickets starting at $16 and the event being referred to as the “Best Circus Ever”, the Universoul Circus should make for a great thing to do in Detroit up until the show ends come September 25. For the uninitiated, Universoul Circus is a high-energy act that is somewhat comparable to Cirque du Soleil, but…

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Chick-fil-A Making its Way to Michigan Come October

By Donald Herrera Fairbairn | September 13, 2016

Regardless of how you might feel about the fast-food chain’s (now-redacted) controversial stance on certain political issues, it’s hard to deny that Chick-fil-A’s sandwiches are mighty tasty. If you’ve been hankerin’ to get your hands on some of this southern, chicken-centric chain’s sandwiches but haven’t found one of the rare restaurants in Michigan, yet, you’re…

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University of Michigan Football Already a High-Scoring Terror

By Donald Herrera Fairbairn | September 13, 2016

Already living up to the insane hype this year, the Wolverines are absolutely smashing it with a ridiculous pace. In fact, thus far they are quite literally scoring, on average, one point per minute during their games. We don’t know about you guys, but this is already looking to be an exciting season. We couldn’t…

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Partying Like it was 1599

By Donald Herrera Fairbairn | September 12, 2016

In case you missed it, the 2016 Michigan Renaissance Festival happened last weekend and it looks like it was a blast. While getting dressed up in clothes from the 14th to 17th centuries might not be your cup of tea, there’s no denying how great a big ol’ turkey leg (or three) can be. While…

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Michigan’s Fall Colors to be Especially Vibrant this Year

By Donald Herrera Fairbairn | September 12, 2016

Because of the rain we’ve been seeing over the last couple months as well as the warmer-than-normal weather patterns we’ve had in Michigan, the fall colors are expected to be absolutely gorgeous this year. Come October, the colors will be best experienced starting up north around the 7th until the vibrant autumn makes its way…

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Great News For MSU Basketball Fans-Nick Ward Returning For Next Season

By Steve | May 30, 2018

Now this shocked me. I was not aware of the fact that you could declare yourself eligible for the NBA draft and then undeclare yourself, as long as you did not hire an agent.  That’s exactly what Nick Ward has done. Now even though we all know that the University of Michigan is the world’s…

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