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Enjoy These Michigan Beers On Your Boating Trip

Navigation: Bell’s Brewery Oberon, Pale wheat ale; 5.8% Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Amber Ale, La Roja, American wild ale; 7.2% Austin Brothers Beer Co, Blood Orange Mango Smoothie IPA; 6% Bell’s

How To Throw The Ultimate Labor Day Party

Navigation: Invite the Right People Food, Food, Food Fireworks Aren't Just for the 4th Stoke the Fire Pit Don't Set Hours The Ultimate Labor Day Party Is Just Ahead Summer

Explaining the Ongoing Soda Vs. Pop Debate

Navigation: Soda's Popularity Loyalty to Pop One of the most polarizing regionalisms in the food and beverage category is the ongoing debate of soda vs. pop. Many passionate wars of

Why Michigan White Wines Taste So Good?

Navigation: It's All About Location Rich Soil and Great Lakes A Quick Guide to Michigan-Exclusive White Wines A glass of white wine is the perfect thing to enjoy during a

3 Best Wine Tours In Traverse City

Navigation: 5-Hour Traverse City Wine Tour by Magic Shuttle Designated Driver Tour Blue Lakes By The Bay Conclusion Traverse City is home to some of the best wines in the

What US Presidents Are From Michigan?

Navigation: Ford’s Early Life in Michigan Ford’s Career at the University of Michigan Ford’s Rise to Prominence Ford’s Michigan Legacy What US state is the birthplace to the most presidents?

How did Michigan become a State?

Navigation: French Explorers Urban Areas   Michigan has a long and fascinating history. By the time it was admitted to the union as the 26th state on January 26, 1837,