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The Finest Bars in All of Minnesota

By FelMasterMind | August 14, 2018

Navigation: Marvel Bar Living Room Amsterdam Bar & Hall Vieux Carré Glynner’s Pub The 1029 Bar Palmer’s Bar Minnesota is a Midwestern state that’s known for snowy landscapes, warm locals and pure fun. If you want solid proof of the “fun” part, all you have to do is head to one of the North Star…

Best Off-Roading Trails in Colorado

By FelMasterMind | August 10, 2018

  Navigation: Colorado State Forest Central City/Saint Mary’s Alpine Loop Imogene Pass Lizard Head Pass Kelly Flats   There are thousands and thousands of great and famous off-roading trails in the U.S. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, Colorado, fortunately, offers numerous excellent off-roading places which all fun and picturesque trails. With many…

Where to Eat Burgers in Colorado

By FelMasterMind | August 7, 2018

Navigation: Canyon City, Colorado Denver, Colorado Boulder, Colorado Fort Collins, Colorado Sedalia, Colorado Aspen, Colorado Pueblo, Colorado Dinosaur, Colorado Colorado is a growing center for the farm-to-table cuisine movement with a strong commitment to organic and locally grown food. Many of the best Colorado burger joints offer local, grass-fed beef. The following is a list…

Best Pizza Place in Colorado

By FelMasterMind | August 6, 2018

Navigation: Amicas Pizza Pizzeria Rustica Bella Luna Pizzeria Big Bill’s New York Pizza Duca’s Neapolitan Pizza One of the most popular and delicious food: pizza. Available in all kinds of flavors and can be customized to suit each one’s taste buds or dietary needs, pizza is a food that everyone loves and craves. Whether you…

Things You Will Find While Exploring Mich Legacy Art Park

By FelMasterMind | August 2, 2018

Navigation: Tunes Among the Trees Crystal Mountain Michigan Legacy Art Park is located in Thompsonville, Michigan not far from the shores of Lake Michigan in the northern part of the state. A visit there is sure to leave you with the feeling that your time was well spent. The park is open during daylight hours…

The Finest Bars in All of Colorado

By FelMasterMind | July 31, 2018

Navigation: PS Lounge Euclid Hall Ste. Ellie The Cigar Bar New Sheridan Bar Colorado is a Rocky Mountain state that honestly has it all. It’s home to some of the most picturesque landscapes in the entire United States. It’s a haven for thrilling recreational activities of all kinds. It even has some amazing bars for…

Dive Bars in Colorado

By FelMasterMind | July 31, 2018

Navigation: Ace-Hi Tavern Sam’s Bar & Lounge The Vintage Moose Moose Jaw El Chapultepec According to Urban Dictionary, a dive bar is a “well-worn, unglamorous bar, often cheap, simple selection of drinks to a regular clientele.” If you’d prefer to spend your time at a cozy dive and enjoy a cold $3 pint compared to…

Best Sandwich Shops In Colorado

By FelMasterMind | July 30, 2018

Navigation: City & Country Deli & Sausage Backcountry Delicatessen Curtis Park Delicatessen Snarf’s Sandwiches Bob’s Diner Sandwiches…. Probably the most well-known, popular, and widely-eaten go-to lunch for many— especially those who are in a rush. Sandwiches are unquestionably humankind’s crowning culinary creation, with the given ability to transcend cultural differences. With basic ingredients, such as…

Best Country Western Bars in Colorado

By FelMasterMind | July 30, 2018

Navigation: Grizzly Rose Broom’s Mill Hill Saloon Bear’s Country Saloon Cowboy Lounge Do you enjoy some good country music and happen to be in Colorado or visiting the state? With so many country music fans, there definitely is no shortage of country bars, especially in Colorado! So, you’re in good company. Country bars in the…

Best Dive Bars in Colorado

By FelMasterMind | July 27, 2018

Navigation: El Chapultepec Candlelight Tavern Vesper Lounge Nob Hill Inn Lakeview Lounge Benny’s Restaurant and Lounge Murphy’s Tavern If you’re travelling through Colorado and want to meet real people, dive bars are the way to go. New places have their appeal, but heading to the best dive bars keeps more money in your pocket. El…

Best Things to do in Denver Colorado during Winter Months

By FelMasterMind | July 9, 2018

Navigation: Arapahoe Basin Ski Area Vail Keystone Resort Winter Park Loveland Ski Area Eldora Mountain Resort There’s really no surprises why Denver tops as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. With many art galleries, museums, thriving food districts, and great festivities happening all year long, everyone can find amazing activities every…

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How is Denver, Colorado Unusual?

By FelMasterMind | July 5, 2018

Navigation: You can dress down here. Denverites are pretty friendly. People can bike here because of the good weather. Denver is full of art and music. You can enjoy a variety of free-public park option. Denver has one of the most walkable downtowns in the US. Denver is near the mountains, not in them.  …

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Does Denver, Colorado Have Beaches?

By FelMasterMind | July 5, 2018

Navigation: Rocky Mountain Beach Confluence Park Chatfield State Park Boulder Reservoir Aurora Reservoir Buy Michigan state clothes you’ll actually wear from Yes, we know all about Downtown Denver, zip lining, skiing, mountains, tours, restaurants, and drinking places in Denver. But do you ever hear about the beaches of Denver, Colorado? Exactly. Let us assure…

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Denver Colorado History

By FelMasterMind | July 4, 2018

Navigation: Early settlers Denver famous Gold Mines All dried up Catastrophic period A new beginning   From its founding in 1858 until today, Denver Colorado has seen it all from the devastating fire to the flash flood that swept the city even after the famine it had suffered. Denver strived to get back to its…

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By FelMasterMind | July 2, 2018

Navigation: Its history Craig’s Cruisers Family Fun Center Frog Hollow Millennium Park Arktos Meadery Lamar Park   Wyoming is a city in Kent Count Michigan with a total population of 72, 125 based on the 2010 census. The city ranks are the 3rd largest community in West Michigan and the 14th largest in the entire…

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By FelMasterMind | June 29, 2018

Navigation: The Many Treaties of Wyandot The House of George P. MacNichol Uniroyal Giant Tire The Lincoln Park in Michigan Pottery Creations Diamond Jack’s River Tours   Around 1732, the Wyandot Indians or Native Americans followed Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac and his French troops to Detroit, Michigan. Their tribes settled down and made their homes…

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City Westland

By FelMasterMind | June 28, 2018

Navigation: Westland history Activities and Attractions 3 and UP Board Game Lounge Holliday Nature Preserve Sportway of Westland Westland Historic Village Park   Approximately 16 miles west of Detroit City, there sit Westland and its diverse cultural community. Westland is home to some of the most upscale residences. But one can also find lower-priced houses…

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West Bloomfield

By FelMasterMind | June 27, 2018

Navigation: Beautiful lakes of West Bloomfield Activities Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum Marshbank Park Holocaust Memorial Center West Bloomfield Trail Experience Cooking   Officially called the Charter Township of West Bloomfield it’s often referred to as the “Lake Township of Oakland County” because of small and medium-sized lakes. The township itself is located within the Detroit…

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By FelMasterMind | June 26, 2018

Navigation: Detroit Zoo Troy Museum and Historic Village Troy Family Aquatic Center Cranbrook House and Gardens   Troy is another city in the suburb of Detroit, Michigan. First settled in the early 19th century, its name was derived from Troy in New York where the first settlers previously resided. In 1955, Troy Township was incorporated…

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