Is Stand Up Paddling Hard?


With the summer season upon us, it’s understandable that many are looking for new adventures to explore. In particular, many are looking for water activities to enjoy. Not only are these activities fun but they also provide a cool environment to enjoy that fun during the hot summer months. One of these activities is stand up paddling.

Paddleboarding has become a beloved activity for many people. For newcomers, it’s an understandable concern if paddleboarding is difficult. The short answer? Yes. That’s okay! You can still have a lot of fun learning how to paddleboard. This article will discuss tips on how to have fun while learning how to stand up paddle board while looking great.

Is Stand Up Paddling Hard

Practice Balance

Much like surfing, stand up paddling requires an element of balance. This is something that you should work to hone. However, it can be difficult to do on dry land alone. You need to be able to maintain your balance while on moving water. The best way to hone the skill is to keep doing it. You’re going to want to wear fashionable clothes that can cling to your body, too. You don’t need excess fabric catching the wind and making your balance even more difficult to maintain. Plus, if you fall? You’ll look great both in and out of the water.

Accept Failure

Much like learning any activity, you’re going to fail. In the case of stand up paddling, you’re probably going to fail a lot. This is something that you should be able to accept right from the start. Don’t let it discourage you or embarrass you. Instead, laugh it off. Learn from the mistakes and failures and allow it to drive you forward towards success instead. When you’re finally tired of falling in the water, you can put on a comfy hoodie to warm up again.

Do It With Friends

Learning a new activity is best done with friends. They can support you and even help you learn faster. They may notice a flaw in your posture and be able to help you correct it. Most importantly, they’re the perfect audience to help you laugh it off. By the time you’ve all learned how to paddleboard, you can have a great time exploring a great many rivers and lakes in the area. Why not have matching t-shirts and hats, too? After all, you all survived the experience together.

Is Stand Up Paddling Hard

Take Breaks

It can be easy to become frustrated when you don’t catch onto a new activity easily or quickly. Because of that, it’s important that you take breaks. Put on some comfortable and stylish clothing to make sure that you feel great about how you look and just hit the sand or grass for a few minutes. With your friends, you may even want to think about having a small picnic. For the adults out there, consider having a few drinks to relax everyone.