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The snow is refreshing; you can feel the crisp of the air, and the field recreation is just too tempting to resist. The attractions are magnificent and breathtaking, and the whole place is a bit of a rush. No, I’m not talking about a place where the women instinctively flock to like the salmon of capastrano. It’s not Aspen… it’s Traverse City.


The winter playgrounds are calling your name. Love to ski? How about shop and drink a beer? Traverse City has it all for you to enjoy.  And who would ever forget the fact the dunes were named “Most Beautiful Place in America” (nominated by Good Morning America’s viewers)?

Traverse City is one of the most beautiful cities in Michigan. Aside from the fact that Traverse City is one of the largest producers of tart cherries, they also produce other fruits like grapes. As a significant contribution, Traverse City is also one of the hearts of wine manufacturers in the Midwest.

There’s no denying that Traverse City is an adorable, picture perfect place in the summer solstice. But can you imagine how beautiful it can be in the holiday season? When the white, solid, refreshing snow falls, it just seems like the coldness of the season beams in every visitor and traveler.

It’s unsurprising that people know there are tons of amazing things to do in Traverse City in summer and fall. But did you know that there are still other exciting things to do there when winter takes place?

Traverse City is also known for its finest outdoor recreation during winter. Here are some of those activities that you can take advantage of while you’re there:

Skiing in Hickory Hills

Your visit to the city of Traverse will never be complete without visiting the white and adventurous Hickory Hills which features eight distinct runs to drive your ski down. If you want to ski at night, you can also do so as it is available on seven of those eight runs.

Living in this place will be greatly appreciated by those who are snowboarders, snowshoers, and cross-country skiers of heart.  Staying here would be beneficial for those type of people as they don’t have to go and visit different towns any longer for them to experience the fun that outdoor recreation brings.

Shanty Creek Snowboarding and Skiing

Ski Shanty Creek Bellaire MI

Just about 40 minutes north of the city, you’ll be able to locate Bellaire village, where you can find Shanty Creek Resorts. You’ll be able to enjoy here even if you’re not some expert when it comes to snowboarding and skiing.

Beginners and even those who don’t have an experience with this will have that exhilarating feeling as this place offers different levels and for different ages as well. There are two distinct mountains that you can choose from for your snowboard escapade.

If you want a mixture of natural and challenging slopes, then the award-winning mountain may work best for you namely the Schuss Mountain. But for those who are staying in the place with their families and want to try the thrill of sliding down the slopes, then the Summit Mountain is what we suggest.

Nevertheless, both mountains can give you that exciting and revitalizing experience that only Shanty Creek can offer.

Mt. Holiday Ski Experience

Ski Mt Holiday In TC

Mount Holiday is known as they can provide all day memorable and fun experience for the whole family. Aside from that, they also feature 16 different kinds of runs. They also offer ski lessons, and you can even try snow tubing there as well.

Moreover, it is also very accessible as it is just a couple of minutes away from the downtown area but still offers the comfort and grandeur of staying in the town for your weekend getaway bonanza. We can guarantee that you will love how this place can give you a clean and worry-free environment.

However, you don’t have to be an athlete of winter solely just to enjoy this place. They also have festivals you might want to experience. Here are some of those:

Ladies’ Night

Ladies Night Traverse City MI Dec 11th. When Is Ladies Night in Traverse City?

This event only happens in the eleventh of December every year. From five o’clock in the afternoon until nine in the evening.

Bring your girl besties in this unique festivals as many business establishments, and restaurants offer a variety of one of a kind food, clothes selections, jewelry and much more for you to have that stylish spirit without breaking your bank. Ring your girlfriends and make some sale and cocktail party!


Men’s Night

Of course, if they have a special night for the ladies, they also have a night for the gentlemen. Just a week interval after the Ladies’ Night, an acknowledgment for the men is up in the eighteenth of December.

The guys can enjoy an array of drinks in different restaurants and some special events in the downtown area. This occasion can be a perfect time for guys to find the perfect gifts. Let’s be honest fellas, the only reason we have Men’s Night is so we can buy the gifts our spouses picked out on Ladies Night.


Traverse City is one of America’s best places. TC is more than a summer-perfect place. Try visiting TC during the winter as it will give you the fun and refreshing feeling that you are looking for when you’re traveling. Do you have any experiences that you would like to share?


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