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One great way to spend a winter vacation is frolicking around ski resorts in Colorado. The state of Colorado has many snow-capped mountains. This makes it one of the premier travel and tourism destination for people who want to ski. Because nature has given Colorado this wonderful and beautiful mountain ranges, there are a lot of well-known mountain ski resorts. You can even say that it has too many. A lot of tourists will find it difficult to select the right one for them due to the number.

This list of the top 5 mountain ski resorts will help you choose the right one. This list will talk about the environment, the view, the ambiance, the accommodations and the enjoyment value. One great thing about Colorado is that there is a large amount of snow that falls on the state each year. This makes the snow on the mountain ski resorts of good quality and should be considerably safer than most. Another important thing to know about mountain ski resorts is that families operate the bulk of skiing and snowboarding resorts. This gives a more hospitable feel to the accommodations. The list also takes into account the skill level of the tourists.

The mountain resorts in Colorado are open to both skiers and snowboarders.  

This is a big bonus. Not to mention the wonderful landscape and entertainment that your family can get. On one hand, this means double the fun. On the other hand, this may mean a lot more tourists which means a more crowded mountain resort.

Here are five amazing mountain resorts in Colorado that you should visit.

Echo Mountain Resort

Are you looking for a resort that is near to the Denver metro area? Do you want facilities and specialized locations that will be good for skiers and snowboarders? Are you looking less for casual strolling and frolicking and more on fast-paced skiing and snowboarding? Then the eco mountain resort is a great choice for you and your family.

Located in Idaho Springs, Colorado, this mountain resort gives you a feeling of adrenaline and friendly competition. That is to be expected this was a ski training facility before. This beautiful resort has around 60 acres of land by itself. However, the total area is actually 226 acres that you can ski and snowboard in. The view that will greet you when you wake up will be the northside of Chief Mountain, with snow-capped mountains inspiring you to ski and snowboard more often.

This resort also has the Milk Run Special, which is the main lift. Transport time is around a little over four and a half minutes. That gives you ample time to enjoy the snowy scenery. You may also notice that they pay attention to the younger generation, too, which makes the location great for families with children. This is even better for those who want their children to be more active.

The accommodations are also good. This might be because it is not as well-known as other resorts. This means that there are fewer visitors so you could have more space for yourself and your family. You can consider the Echo Mountain Resort to be a newcomer. It is relatively new because this has been renovated by the new owner in 2016 and 2017. The resort only reopened very recently.

To sum it up, accommodations are good. The ambiance and environment lean more towards moving and skiing rather than cloud watching. The view is great. The price is also very reasonable as well. A great bargain for your money and the travel to this resort is very easy and fast.

Breckenridge Ski Resort

For those with a penchant for enchanting heights, beautiful snow and long lift rides offering a wonderful panoramic view, then the Breckenridge Ski Resort would be a perfect destination for you. The breathtaking mountain view is an absolute treat to the eyes and the famous Tenmile range gives it an ambiance that is both romantic and inspiring.

We are not joking when we said the heights are enchanting; the resort encompasses 5 mountain peaks. What this means for you is that the one of the lifts ends up reaching heights of more than 12,800 feet. This makes it the highest lift in the united states. This is not for the faint-hearted though. This mountain resort has more than 2900 acres that you can ski and snowboard in with 34 lifts total to support the many runs.

We really have to talk about the lift system. That is one of the biggest reason why you must visit this mountain resort. Can you imagine going through over five and a half kilometers of views? With you riding at heights over 12,000 feet? It is definitely a breathtaking sight, but even those who consider themselves courageous may find their knees shaking. But for those are can handle heights, nothing can beat looking out from over ten thousands feet. You will feel as if you are flying – that is how good the view is.

You can see well that the view also brings with it some problems, and by problem we mean a lot of crowded places. That is the reason why this is the most visited mountain ski resort. The accommodations are impressive.

This would be highly recommended for those who are looking for a honeymoon or romantic vacation. Children might not like the overcrowded places. All in all, this is a great mountain resort and you will not be making a mistake if you do choose this one.

Keystone Resort

Looking for a great family vacation emphasizing leisure and convenience? Do you want thousands of acres of views? Do you want a more laid back and tranquil family outing?  How about 4 and 5-star restaurants? How about a mountain resort that focuses on family activities and even programs for kids?  If you are looking for a family friendly mountain ski resort, then the Keystone Resort is perfect for your needs. With more than 3,000 acres that you can ski and has runs for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, this is a great spot for a family vacation.

There are more than 3,000 condominium units and the resort even has a resurfaced skating lake that spans 5 acres. If comfort and convenience are your priority, then you won’t go wrong vacationing at Keystone.

There are two important places to visit and to watch in this mountain ski resort.  The first one would actually be the night skiing trails. This trail covers three mountains. The trail is made up of ski lifts and gondolas. Can you imagine skiing and snowboarding under the beautiful night sky? That is an experience that you should not miss. The night skiing session trail is open at 9 p.m. And should be something to be experienced at least once in your vacation.

The second thing that you should not miss when you visit this mountain skiing resort is the wonderful dining experience. The food is just so amazing. You can basically find any kind of restaurant in the restaurant belt. For instance, Alpenglow Stube offers contemporary dishes with a Bavarian twist. It has a wide offering of dishes and wines. For a more laid-back feeling with local cuisine, The Bighorn Bistro & Bar is a great restaurant to dine in. The view is absolutely amazing and you can eat delicious dishes while taking in the beautiful Continental Divide.

Another wonderful offering of this mountain skiing resort is their Kidtopia program. Your kids will love the activities while the parents can enjoy their time as well. There will be a scavenger hunt, which is operated safely of course. Fireworks and parades are also held here – you will be surprised at how wonderful your stay will be.

In a nutshell, Keystone Resort is best for families. This is because the accommodations and the dining are definitely world class. They have wonderful programs and the panoramic views will take your breath away. Prices can be a bit high, but you will get more than your money’s worth. This mountain resort is highly recommended.

Beaver Creek Resort

Are you looking for a classier mountain skiing resort with fewer visitors? How about a resort that offers not only skiing and snowboarding but also golf? Are you perhaps tired of the older and more known resorts in Colorado? Do you want a resort wear more than 80% of the runs provided are for intermediate to expert skiers and snowboarders? Then this newly improved mountain skiing resort maybe what you are looking for.

Think of this as a world class resort that not a lot of people know about yet. What is special about this skiing resort is the terrain; this resort has always been the host for the opening of the Men’s World Cup Downhill season. If you prioritize skiing and snowboarding over other activities, then this resort is perfect for you.

Another impressive feature that can be found in the skiing resort is the diversity of accommodations. There are a lot of great places to rest here, whether you come as a family or just as a couple.  There are wonderful hotels, some mountain villas and even private homes for you to choose from.

Since this resort is also known for high-level terrain, you can get great ski and snowboarding lessons. Still, around 20% of the runs are accessible to beginners. This is really good for family outings. The resort puts heavy emphasis on security and safety. You can be assured that your children will be well taken care of.

This resort has around 1800 acres you can ski and snowboard on.  The elevation is not as high as others and reaches only up to 8100 feet, but the lift system is still very . There are a hundred and fifty runs to choose from with 650 acres classified for snow making.  The longest run is around 2 miles.  This is perfect for those who are looking for more posh accommodations, so expect to shell out quite a bit of money. In a nutshell, this is the place to be if you are looking for a ritzy vacation with great offerings to improve your skiing. Just be prepared to hand over some serious cash.

Vail Ski Resort

This is one of the most-known mountain skiing resort not only in the United States but also in the world. With more than 5200 acres that you can ski and snowboard on, there is no question that this is one of the biggest. 193 runs are also present, and can serve anyone in differing levels of skill, from the new skiers to the players that compete in skiing events. This resort gets around 370 inches of snow, so you can say that the snow is really great for skiing.

We also have not talked about the mesmerizing view when you either ski or travel inside their lifts. The longest run which is the Riva Ridge, covers four miles. Again, this is not for the faint of heart.  The view is absolutely breathtaking though.

As for the ambiance, you will feel like you are still in an urban setting due to the reputation of the mountain resort.  You see the mountain resort is immensely popular, so you must be ready to move alongside quite a big crowd. Of course, the mountain skiing resort is quite big so you can always find a nice area to ski or just relax on.

The price tag is actually not that high, considering the fact that it is well known and actually has quite modern amenities and equipment. The skiing trails are also quite long and the view is definitely top notch. Again, because of its popularity, parking can be an issue. Snowboarding and skiing is really fun here because it is considerably safe and the people are also good. All in all, this does deserve to be considered as one of the best mountain skiing resorts not only in Colorado but in the entire United States.

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