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Saginaw, home of my old nemesis Saginaw Valley, GO GVSU!!! ARE YOU A LAKER??? Sorry Saginaw residents I just had to drop this…

Kids love animals, and while in Saginaw why not visit the best little zoo in town? The Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square sits on 10-acres of land designed with different amazing gardens and animal exhibits. They even own the only hand-carved carousel in Michigan. Your kids will surely appreciate nature in their educational tour, an Underwater Viewing Cave and a playground. The best part in this destination is that it won’t dent your budget.

  • Japanese Cultural Center

Have a taste of a different culture within an arm’s reach. The Japanese Cultural Center is a great place to learn new things from origami, bonsai plant to the fine art of calligraphy. For a great experience, try to go for one of their tea ceremonies. I’ll guarantee you its more than tea, it’s a real masterpiece handcrafted by artisans. Their grounds are sure worthy of social media selfies, you may even try to buffer up those photography skills while enjoying the very relaxing ambience.


  • The Hoyt Library

I am a book lover myself, so a trip in a local library is a must for me. The Hoyt Library has the most extensive genealogy in the region.  The librarians are always helpful if you need to look for a specific book or topic. It’s perfect for some quiet time, crouch beside their common area near the restored fireplace. The interior of the library is made with polished marble and beautiful wood works. It all adds up to the vibe of an old country house which can literally takes you back in time. Of course you can get into the hauntings like the video above shows.


  • Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge

If you are into hiking, worry not, Saginaw has its own Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge. Wait… Saginaw has a wild life area? Yep, its true! This is far different from other hiking trails as this park lets nature take its own course. It a true wildlife area. As you walk through its trail you will be engulfed by Mother Nature herself. As you walk all you can hear and see is nature, pure nature; crickets, birds, peaceful sights and ground creatures unexpectedly show up. Sometimes you may run into bear tracks or bunny trails, it’s a true refuge for the wildlife.

  • Castle Museum

The Castle Museum has a style of a French Chateau and was initially built as a post office in 1897. Families and couples will definitely enjoy trip to the Castle Museum as they explore the old Saginaw. Sports fans will enjoy looking at old memorabilia in the museum sports hall of fame. Everyone else will find the lumbering and automotive historical display educational.

  •  Pride and Country Village

Sorry No Videos on YouTube… Please go create one!!!

The best time to go in this place is during the Christmas holidays. They offer great bargains for Christmas décor. And if you get hungry because of all that shopping then head on to the main barn to grab some of their delish food.

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