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Adrian is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan and the county seat of Lenawee County. The population was 21,133 at the 2010 census. Adrian lies in Michigan’s 7th congressional district.

The Centre

Location: 1800 W US Highway 223, Adrian, MI
Great for: Kids and Young at hearts

This is a one-stop place if you have kids of different ages. They have water activities and outdoor attractions from toddlers to teenagers. They have this “Corner Park” kids will love, the outdoor splash pad, where they play on the bouncy mats and have a go in their zip lines. You don’t even have to worry about their safety, as all of their facilities are well maintained and clean. The adults can relax beside the outdoor pool on cozy lounge chairs. You don’t have to worry about bringing in foods because they have a concession bar that are reasonably priced. Despite their size, they offer great snacks and meals for kids and adults alike.

3&UP Game Lounge

Location: 630 S Main St Plymouth, MI
Great for: Kids Activities, Recreation Center, Events and to Sharpen those ‘witty’ minds

3&Up Game Lounge is a break from the ordinary, the concept and ingenuity at its finest. They take those old school ideas which everyone loves, put it in a same where every can go and try thousands (seriously thousands) of board games. It’s great not just for kids but for you to have some good times with your teenagers. The game lounge closes late at night for groups who wants to settle a score on particular board games. Their staff are all accommodating and know almost all of the board games available. They can recommend several if you can’t pick what you like. It’s like going to a museum of games, it’s awesome. There are several games that I used to play and forgotten about until I saw it from one of the shelves. Even if you can buy snacks from the lounge, you can also bring your food. How much more convenient can that be?

Jump Station

Location: 31514 Grand River Ave Farmington, MI
Great for: Kids Activities and Playground for toddlers

This one is great to let your kids put off some of their adrenaline rushes. It’s a harness jumping style where they can also hone in on their motor skills. What makes this place unique is that the owners are super friendly to the kids and what’s nice is that they also have packages for the kids to get free jumps. It’s a game ride where you can see how high your kids can go on a trampoline. You can see some of the kid’s faces lit up with a smile or a smirk whenever they do flips or a somersault.

Dudez & Dolls

Location: 433 W Dussel Dr. Maumee, OH
Great for: Kids Activities, Events (Planning and Services) and spa services (for those little ones who wants to be pampered just like Mom)

I am not actually a fan of spa services, but this one stands out. They cater for those girls who want to be pampered at a salon but just too young and too soon to go to a salon. Drop by this place to see how it works. I actually had fun looking at the adults rather than the kids. Sure those 7-year-old girls seem like they are having the best of times. Who doesn’t like to be pampered and get dressed up? The salon staff are great to their guests. They treat all the girls super nice like in a real salon.


Location: 509 State Cir Ann Arbor, MI
Great for: Kids activities and Kids Parties (They are experts in Planning Events too!)

This place is made for birthdays and other big events. There are not many options in Ann Arbor for places like this. They can meet everything you need particularly for birthdays. You can choose from several rooms and a different room if your event calls for it. Another great thing about this place is they have several areas for toddlers to play with. For big events such as a 1st birthday or 7th birthday, you don’t have to  worry about the little things because they handle the rest. When you book, they close the whole place just for you. Everything is included as well from the napkins and other party preferences.

MJR Adrian Digital

Location: 3125 Birch Run, Adrian, MI
Great for: Subtle (more like subdued) Kids Activities and family bonding

There is nothing like the old days when going out on a movie spells fun. Don’t get me wrong, it still is but with tech around, it loses some of its valor. I can appreciate having a big movie house like MJR in Adrian. It’s clean and well-kept all these years. You don’t need to drive all the way to Ann Arbor to see a movie. You might want to come during the afternoon where they usually have a kid pack promo. Kids can have drinks and gummy bears along with the usual popcorn. In good old days, they had free popcorn and a dollar movie for the kids. Now, that’s a bargain.

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