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Chesterfield Charter Township formed out of a portion of Macomb Township and part of the Metro Detroit area. As of 2010 census, the town has a total residence of 43, 381 and continues to grow. Originally established in 1842 it was converted to a charter township in 1989.

First settlers came in during the 1830s. Businesses began to boom when the Grand Trunk Railroad came through in 1865. By 1875, the township had their first post office which lasted until 1907. Shopping malls and subdivisions dominated the city within the first few years of the 21st century. It was a big contrast to the previously considered rural area.

It’s a great city with a diverse cultural community composed of 89% non-Hispanic whites. Many people love how one can easily retreat in some the great parks up north while enjoying the luxury of city living. The northern end of the township is still largely unpopulated which people can launch boats; enjoy fishing in piers and many recreational activities.  There are many marine-related businesses can be found in the area in which a destination itself. With the ever-changing modern times, they still preserve their cultural heritage.

Here are some of the best tourist destination in Chesterfield

Stahls Automotive Foundation

A visit to Stahls Automotive Foundation is a must for motorheads. They have loads of beautiful classic cars on display. The whole exhibition area is one automotive wonder which has collections like gas pumps, different era car accessories, and a large number of classic cars and trucks – to name a few. But there are far more items to explore including hard to find collectibles and emblems.

The foundation is a perfect place to learn about the automotive history. Vehicles displayed have their windows down for visitors to explore the inside of it. Motorheads will surely appreciate volunteers who open hoods and trunks to show off the cars. They are well informed as well which they give details about the displayed vehicles and can answer questions from visitors.

Stony Creek Metropark

Stony Creek Metropark is located not far away from Chesterfield. Many referred to this place as one of the most beautiful places in Up North Michigan. It’s a great place to hike, bike, walk, and have family picnics. Bring your dogs and follow the Osprey trail that leads through the woods, open fields, and streams. There are plenty fun activities to do in this park including paddle boating, water slides, and great fishing spots. For bikers, there’s a Black Diamond Hill to pump up their adrenaline. Their nature center path is very informative.

George George Memorial Park

This 30-acre park has very spacious playgrounds, walking trails, great picnic pavilion and a fountain plaza. Take a quite walk during the week and be amazed how this humble park boasts of great views with lots of photo opportunities. Nothing beats its peaceful environment which is a great place to just relax and let the kids play. There’s a little jungle gym for the kids to play and clean restrooms. Packed ready to eat food as the park doesn’t allow any barbequing. The pavilion is great to hold events and other special occasions. The scenery makes it a perfect backdrop for the family picture – the best souvenir you can take home with you.

Selfridge Military Air Museum

The museum appeal to all ages as they have different sorts of planes, jets and submarine exhibits. Learn more about the aviation history and its engineering marvel.  Guided tours by former crewmen are really nice; you can never get closer to real facts than these. It’s an enjoyable experience for both kids and adults alike. But since the place is an active airbase, they do take safety seriously so you have to allow time for them to have security checks before touring. But the wait is worth it, inside there are period equipment, uniforms, and interesting stories in every exhibit. Their flight simulator is really popular among kids. So let their imagination fly and take them here.

Sanders and Morley Candy Makers

When it comes to dessert and other confectionary marvels, nothing can beat Sanders & Morley in Chesterfield or any place in Up North Michigan for that matter. They have great selections of chocolates, ice creams, and other sugary treats.  Kids will love to see how these confectionary marvels are made. The tours go inside where they make their chocolates. Staffs are well informed as they entertain their guest on how they make these sugary treats without divulging too much information as not to spill their secret recipes. No photographs or cameras allowed inside as they need to keep their works secret. Whether you have a sugar tooth or not, you will enjoy a mini trip to this place.

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