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Planning a trip to Ada? Here is a list of things to do for everyone who is planning a trip to Ada Michigan.

Ada Township Covered Bridge

Great For: Taking Pictures a landmark

When in Ada, you have to visit Ada Township Covered Bridge. This goes a long way back in history and serves as a landmark in town. There are only a handful of bridges like this scattered across the country, and whenever you encountered some, it’s always worth a visit. The covered bridge has been rebuilt several times to preserve its presence in town. Also, it becomes a tourist attraction and it’s great for selfies!. The Ada Township Covered Bridge has a natural beauty and unique appeal that attracts people. Locals will tell you to grab some ice cream just a few blocks away from the bridge and just have a nice stroll down the bridge.  If you have a fantastic knack for photography the bridge serves as a great subject. The Thornapple River that flows below the bridge has great picnic spots.  Families with smaller kids usually go around the bridge for a leisurely afternoon walk.


Seidman Park

Great for: Advance runners and hikers who want to train (Ironman or 21k all terrain race)

This is a great training ground for runners who want to train their legs on an all-terrain territory. The park has it all, elevation challenges, muddy areas, river bends, and rocky terrain. This course will surely fire up those muscles before the big race. The park is well marked and you may want to start in a paved section before hitting the ground, that will give your legs a good warm up.  Careful though, as many would hike along with you, bringing their dogs along with them.

But don’t worry they are required to put them on a leash. If you are not up to the challenge of running, a quick hike wouldn’t hurt. The park is lined with trees perfect for those hot summer day walks. Try to bring your pets along, as they can also use the fresh air. Don’t forget to bring bug spray as mosquitos can get a bit nosey in the marsh section.


Cascade Peace Park

Great for: Beginners to intermediate runners and bikers in training

For those who just want a leisurely stroll in the woods or a beginner runner then you can try to a round or two in Cascade Peace Park. You will not get lost since they have good maps along the trail. You can park on Grand River and start your course there, or just walk a few minutes to relish the wooded areas. There are also several benches strategically placed for you to sit on whenever you feel tired or just be alone with nature.


Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery & Supply

Great for: Awesome local brewed beers

I always appreciate the uniqueness of a local brewed wine or beer. So whenever I visit places new areas I typically go for places like this. It is where you can literally distinguish their particular taste of brewery. A trip to a local tavern is always worth a visit. One downside though, they don’t serve food but you can order from other restos and have it delivered in the bar. They have board games to choose from and you can even play it for free while you enjoy a glass or two. But what really sets this apart, is they frequently rotate the taps and you can get a different kind of beer every time you visit here. The staff is very friendly and well informed about their brews so you know you are served with only the best.

Ada, MI is a great place to visit. If you want to take your love of the mitten state with you in your travels this summer, then consider rocking of our Michigan apparel!

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