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Law Quadrangle

Take a step into history and visit Law Quadrangle. This law school at Michigan University is symbolic of the region’s academic excellence and is definitely worth your time for a visit and a walk through its grounds. You can take a leisurely stroll then head inside and marvel at the magnificent high ceilings. Wander through some of the small study enclaves and get a feel of what college looked like before decades of modern advancement. It might be a short tour, but if you walk into the new area of the law library you can see how they ingeniously transitioned the antique design to a modern interior.


University of Michigan Museum of Art

A trip is not complete without stepping into some of the museums in the area. As the saying goes “Art enables us to find ourselves & lose ourselves at the same time”, but don’t get lost inside the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Once you step into its doors you will immediately recognize the caliber of the place. You’ll be amazed at its collection and variety of style. They also have excellent featured exhibits from UM alumni and a trip here won’t hurt your budget – admission is free but donations are more than welcome.


Matthaei Botanical Gardens

If you are coming to Ann Arbor during the winter months, Matthaei Botanical Gardens is a great way to escape from the cold weather. We suggest contacting the garden beforehand so they can arrange a guided tour for your family. You can explore the aired area full of different tropical plants unlike anything you may have seen before. Once in season, you can witness some cacti in bloom. The staff is very accommodating in explaining and answering questions about the foliage on display. Matthaei Botanical Garden also has a large circular garden filled with different herbs, a conservatory, and a gift shop, and your kids will surely love a hiking trail. Also, depending on the month, this location may be decorated with gorgeous garden blooms.


The Petting Farm at Domino’s Farms

Everyone in the family will love this place. It’s filled with adorable animals that you can pet and feed. It’s a cuteness overload! The staff also offers some educational information about the animals, so your kids will also learn as well.  It’s a good way to spend an afternoon in the area. Your family can enjoy a good walk around the vicinity while the kids are making friends with the animals. Probably the best time to visit the farm is during the spring season when some of the baby animals are being born.


Nichols Arboretum

After bustling city sounds, you might want to relax in Nichols Arboretum. It’s a tranquil spot for people who just want to wind down. Spring is the best time to come here as the flowers bloom as the air is perfect for a leisure stroll down the road. The area will even give dramatic colors during the autumn season, which great for photo shoots. If you need a breather and want nature to refuel your energy then this place is perfect for you.


Literati Bookstore

I am a book lover myself, and whenever I find a bookstore, I always drop by and check what’s available. Literati Bookstore stands out from the rest of the bookstores here in Ann Arbor. It’s not too crowded and it has a perfect downtown location. What I love most about this is they have long hours. If you get too immersed in your book you can sit in a coffee shop upstairs. Considering the space available, they have a wonderful selection with the best fiction and nonfiction books to choose from. It truly is a gem for book lovers with their amazing finds. The shop is also particularly clean and they can help you find a perfect gift.

Whether in Ann Arbor for a weekend getaway or looking for things to do near Detroit, you’re sure to have a great time in this wonderfully peaceful town when wearing our great Michigan gear!