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Need some Vitamin Sea? Head to one of these Michigan beaches near Muskegon to really relax for the weekend.

Laketown Beach

Location:  6710 142nd Ave Holland, MI 49423

Great for: Solitude (away from the crowd)

Located in Holland, the Laketown Beach is the least crowded in the area. The beach is great if you are looking for some quality time with your family or that special someone. You can choose whether you want to take the stairs down or walk towards the sandy bath. If you choose the stairs to be sure you are not wearing any fancy shoes, it can take an extra pound off from your body. Most people are afraid to use the stairs, but if you need that workout, try it for a change. But don’t let that discourage you from going into this off the beaten path beach location. The area peaceful, in certain days you can even have the beach all to yourselves. It’s quiet, peaceful, and a small beach with free parking. Don’t forget to bring some food and drinks to keep you hydrated.


Millennium Park

Location: 1415 Maynard Ave SW Walker, MI 49534

Great for:  Families with small kids and recreational water sports like kayaking, boating, and biking. Don’t forget to bring your dogs.

This is a great beach that everyone in the family would love. They offer activities that kids of all ages will surely enjoy. You can go biking along the trails or go for a relaxing walk around the ponds. The trail in Millennium Park leads to another nearby park and will connect you to downtown. Your dogs will love the trails just don’t forget to pick up after them. Another bonus point in this beach is the water fountains which are placed strategically around the beach. They also have clean restrooms that smell really nice. As for recreational water sports, they designated a special area where you can rent kayaks, paddle boats, and stand up paddle boards. Everything is reasonably priced, plus you can get an amazing view of the entire beach. But do watch out for seagulls, although they are far away from the beach area.  Kids will definitely have a blast in their water play area as well as the playground. They might not want to leave the vicinity after a trip to this wonderful beach.


Kirk Park

Location:  9791 N Lakeshore Dr. West Olive, MI 49460

Great for: Dogs and pet lovers

This 25-mile walk beach is a dog haven for animal lovers. They even have poop bag dispensers around the beach to remind you to pick up after your dogs.  It a clean beach but you may need to go 44 steps to reach it. Great work out though. It’s a small stretch of beach but well secluded and you will never lose sight of your dogs. The sand pretty much lay flat into the water, dogs love running around its shore and you will not worry that they might go in too deep into the lake. Let your dog mingle with other dogs and let them socialize. There’s a lot of room for them to run around the beach, not many beaches will allow your dog off the leash. Parking your car may seem like a work out for you since you need to take a hike retrieving it, but not for your dogs. s


Pere Marquette Park

Location: Beach Street Rd Muskegon, MI

Great for:  To take a dip in the lake. Families with small children and to socialize.

There is a lot of space in this sandy beach ideal to play volleyballs and socialize with other beach bums. Your kids will love the playground if they need to get off from the water for some time. If you are busy to prepare food or it’s an impromptu trip, don’t worry, there is a concession stand on the beach. They have a nice selection of foods that are reasonably priced. If you need to munch on a full meal, there are several restaurants near the beach. For a change, you can walk in several parks around the beach. Just like in any other city in the region, the beach can go pretty much colder compared to its southern counterpart. There a lighthouse nearby, this breaks the usual beach scenery. It can also get a little bit windy during the day so bring your windbreaker is you must. Pere Marquette Park offers lots of free parking space for the beach goers.


Grand Haven State Park

Location: 1001 S Harbor Dr. Grand Haven, MI 49417

Great for: Sightseeing, nature lovers, and a weekend getaway for families.

The Grand Haven State Park is one of the great beaches in Michigan. It’s a beautiful lake, the sandy beaches are clean and they even have wash off sand stations. You may need to arrive early, even though the park has a huge parking lot, you may not easily find one. It’s a popular destination so expect the beach to get really packed especially during the weekends. Grand Haven is also known for its accessibility, they have walkways heading down the beach, so you don’t need to carry heavy loads all the way through the sands. Even if you don’t bring that much food, there are food trucks in the beach that are reasonably priced. The beach also has a campground on site which is nice for the nature lovers; it adds another flair to the usual beach getaway.  Another tourist destination in the beach is to walk to the lighthouse. Also, during spring season expect to catch some waves to show off those surfing skills.