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Board games were once the cornerstone of family weekend evenings, but in today’s more modern era, game nights have succumbed to lone activities such as platform games, phone chat, texting, and, yes, the television. However, a resurgence is underway as many parents long for healthier, family-oriented interactions. To aid in that resurgence, following are the absolute top 10 board games enjoyable for any family member or kid of any age, for any weekend, and–of course–for any upcoming Christmas.


This game is tried and true. Although most families will know full well the joy of grabbing up real-estate, selling it, counting the cash, and praying to land on Boardwalk, the true fun comes from all the allowed variations. From piling extra cash into the community center to making alliances against the richer players to making backroom property deals, this game stokes everyone’s inner mogul as it helps bond families and elates the youngest players and the youngest at heart.


Rarely are the player’s artists, and the topics are always fun, simple sounding, yet strangely difficult to draw. Complicate matters by adding a timer, and it’s a tense laugh-a-thon as everyone attempts to communicate objects, events, and concepts via hurried stick figures and squiggles.

Chinese Checkers

Probably the quietest of family games, Chinese Checkers challenges up to eight players to move all the marbles from one end of the board to the other, in matching starting position. Moving a marble is accomplished by jumping one’s other marbles and those of the opponents, but the process is challenging in that the playing board is in the form of triangles, complicating the final jumps and making it ultimately possible for anyone to win. For two players, it’s a fun challenge. For six or eight players of any ages, the game’s deceivingly simple appearance becomes a fun challenge as everyone attempts that final jump into the last pocket.


In this creative, twisty, word-fest, players make up definitions for things. The goal is to sound as convincing as possible and bluff your way into a win as opposing players vote for the “correct” response. Players collect points if other players choose their fictional definitions as facts.


Clue is a deductive favorite where the excite builds the closer everyone gets to discovering “who done it.” The suspect card, weapon card, and the location card go into an envelope. Then the players take turn attempting narrow down their suspicions until they’re certain enough to make their final guess. For families with younger children, this is the game to buy for Christmas.


This modern game has turned into board-game sensation destined to become an all-time classic. Players vie for points by developing their holdings by trading and acquiring a number of resources such as spices or grains. Each new game is always different as dice rolls determine what playing spaces produce what types of resources.


Like many Christmas game perfect for kids, Codenames will accommodate four to eight players of any age, but it also offers playing scenarios for two or three players, making it perfect for any size family. For Codenames, players divide into teams consisting of such roles as spymaster and field agent. As the game progresses, field agents attempt to discern the opposing teams’ spymaster through word clues laid out on the board. Including innocent bystander cards and assassin cards, Codenames is often thought of as a party game, making it perfect for families wanting a fun night.


Another classic favorite, Life allows everyone the opportunity to live the all-American dream while driving a make-believe plastic family around in a make-believe plastic car. Kids and adults love it, making it the perfect Christmas gift for future family game nights. In this game, players earn cash by landing on revenue builders and career boosters. Just like in real life, each player has multiple opportunities to win the lottery. Of course, at the end of the road are two options: riches or the dreaded poor house. Spin the wheel luckily enough, and avoid the poor house by betting on the stock market.

Exploding Kittens

This game is best described as Russian roulette—kitty style. A card game, Exploding Kittens involves each player drawing a card. If the card is an exploding kitten, the player is out of the game—unless they can defuse the furry bomb with a defuse card, a laser card, or a belly rub. This is a strangely fun game for all ages, and it is especially adored by families with a collectively quirky sense of humor.

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition

Fortnite has taken the world by storm. Up to 125 million players worldwide play the online game, and the creation of a Fortnite-themed Monopoly game has become a sure-fire hit. Instead of buying up the world, players battle and avoid the storm, activities that mirror the online hit. Family members can loot money and buy funny outfits as they attempt to keep their health from dwindling to zero. It’s a humorous, fast-paced game, and the last player standing wins.

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