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Minnesota is a fine place to be, whether you’re visiting or a resident. However, it’s good to step away from the ordinary and expected now and then. Take beer, for instance. Why enjoy it in a can or bottle when you can march to the doorsteps of the men and women who make it and order a glass fresh from the barrels. If this sounds at all fun, then a visit to the best breweries in Minnesota might be the right kind of getaway for you. And if you’re more into liquor, check out our favorite Minnesota Distilleries


Bent Paddle Brewing Company

Bent Paddle sits near the very tip of Lake Superior, in Duluth, in a new main building, recently opened for the public. Here they produce pilsners and ales, along with some of their other offerings. The new building is a sight to see, and if you’re so inclined, the new taproom is open to outside food. There are even nearby businesses that deliver to the taproom, so you can sit down for a meal with a fresh beer, providing the most authentic beer-drinking experience you could have at a brewery.

You can find Bent Paddle at 1832 W. Michigan St., on the first floor.

Castle Danger Brewery

Also bordering Lake Superior is Castle Danger Brewery, which certainly steps away from the crowd, as the only brewery for miles around. However, not having nearby competition doesn’t mean this brewery is soft: the beers here are ales all over the color spectrum, and you can tell they’re ready for company by the giant table stretching from one end of the room to the other. Top this off with root beer for the kids and a stunning lakeside view, and you have a fine afternoon or evening to enjoy here.

Castle Danger Brewery can be found at 17 7th St, in Two Harbors.

Hoops Brewing Company

There’s something to be said about a brewery that shows off its brewing hardware glowing under green lights, visible from the bar in the taproom. Hoops Brewing Company takes the standard brewery experience and lets you admire it while you sit down and drink the very beers brewing past a pane of glass. Just to note, Hoops doesn’t serve flights, but they do sell “sample” sizes that you can gather up and arrange as a flight, if you’re dead set on one.

Hoops is located at 325 S. Lake Ave, in beautiful Duluth.

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