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Minnesota is a really big place, but even in a state as big and varied as this one, there can only be a few places you can call “the best.” Businesses, parks, even people compete all the time to find out once and for all what “the best” really is, often settling for only one year at a time. However, when it comes to the food you eat, making sure you get the best of whatever you’re jonesing for is vital. If you’re looking for a darn good hamburger, then hopefully this list can help you find the best burger place in Minnesota.


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The Nook

It almost feels like a disservice putting this up at the top of the list, but I’m certain the fans of this place would be more than happy to tell us to put The Nook at the top of the list if we hadn’t. The Nook is a St. Paul burger place with a laser-guided approach to burgers. The burgers are big and flavorful, and the place is always packed to the gills with people who know it. One you get to the cashier, make sure you ask for something fun, like the Juicy Lucy or the Paul Molitor. You can get to The Nook by going to 492 Hamline Ave S., St. Paul.


Burger Jones

And on the other side of the Mississippi River, there’s another great burger place worth attention. However, like so many good things, news of how good it is travels fast. Burger Jones is almost like an upscale version of the classic burger and fry joint, with loads of bar seating and plenty of tables. Despite all the space inside, it seems like you’ll always have to contend with the die-hards who love this place just as much as we do. Definitely check out pictures of their burgers, because the portion size has to be seen to be believed (is that a whole half of an avocado?). You’ll find Burger Jones at 3200 W Lake St, Minneapolis in the Calhoun Village Shopping Center.


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