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From fried fish to hot dish, these people love their food; In a place known for its vibrant music scene, craft beer, and that classic Midwestern charm, Minnesota is a great place for hungry tourists. And the burgers are nothing short of extraordinary. Here are some great locations you need to try the next time you’re in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Best Burgers

Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie

Initially called the Lyons Tap (named after the original owners, Irene and Sears Lyons), this longstanding tradition has been serving burgers since 1958. But they truly became “famous” in 1977 after being purchased by Bert and Bonnie Notermann; their secret seasoning catapulted these patties into a higher realm of deliciousness. People come from all over to eat and stay for the ambiance and history.

Matt’s Bar & Grill in Minneapolis

Home of the Jucy Lucy, Matt’s is consistently rated as one of the best places in the metropolitan area for burgers. Even with all the press and praise, the recipe remains the same; a classic combination of two burger patties filled with cheese. Now an official city landmark, this is one spot that is worth the hype.

Snuffy’s Malt Shop in St. Paul

Walking to this unique 1950’s drive-in themed diner, you’ll immediately feel at home. The original Snuffy’s opened up in 1983 and now serves their high-quality burgers in four convenient locations. But they don’t stop there; Snuffy’s is also famous for their wonderfully huge milkshakes and malts. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory.

King’s Place Bar & Grill in Miesville

While their extensive burger selection has only been in place for just over 20 years, the Kings building has stood the test of time. Originally built as a restaurant and boarding house in 1874, King’s Place now serves more than 50 different burger combinations. In a town of only 135 people, you can be sure to expect that small town feels and the freshest ingredients.

The 5-8 Club in Minneapolis

There has been a lot of speculation as to which establishment created the Juicy Lucy first: 5-8 or Matt’s (who spells theirs “Jucy”). But the best way to understand this local rivalry is to try both for yourself! The 5-8’s signature burger oozes with cheese stuffed into a half-pound patty. They’ve also won numerous awards and for a good reason: the burgers are just that good.

Gordy’s Hi-Hat in Cloquet

If you’re heading north to Duluth, make sure to stop by Gordy’s for the best homemade onion rings and hand-crafted burgers. Gordy and Marilyn Lundquist opened their doors in 1960, and that nostalgic feeling continues to this day. Their reasonably priced selection of burgers keeps customers satisfied all year long.

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