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Okay, If you’re still not done with your foodie trip, the next stop on the list are the desserts – good old donuts. We all love our bread; some just love it so much they wanted to top it with extra sweetness. Hence, donuts were born. And if you really love Detroit, you just have to check out these donut hotspots.


Dutch Girl Donuts

Delicious donuts and you can even watch them making a fresh batch. It’s what donuts supposed to be, simple and flavorful. I bet you could not just peek inside and not leave a box of donuts in your hands. Some of their bestsellers include the traditional plain glazed donuts, chocolate crullers, glazed blueberry, and glazed crullers. You can even pair it with their perfectly brewed coffee and just say GOOD MORNING!


Daily Dozen

Detroit boasts of the superb donuts made by the Daily Dozen. This place can even compete with other artisanal donut shops in other cities. People are raving about their peanut butter cup chunks, butter swirls, S’mores chocolate cake donuts and the best Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup donuts. They even put a sweet twist to the ordinary Samoa, topping it with caramel, toasted coconut, and the all-time favorite chocolate. That’s not all, you have to drop by and see some of their specialty made donuts.


Donut Villa

Great variety of pastries here but the best are still the donuts paired with a mug of coffee. Some would agree that life gets better in Detroit because of the donuts at Donut Villa. It’s still the old school approach to donuts, which means they offer instant comfort food. They always make sure you leave with the freshest donuts in hand, not just one but get a box just in case you can’t stop eating them. Words may not be enough to describe how great their donuts are. Nothing beats their simple way of preparing them.


Elias Donuts

For at least 30 years, this place serves the traditional donut. Now that a sweet record that really hard to beat and an indication of their delicious foods. Their place is even the same old-school donut place where you see in the movies. Once you enter the place, you feel like being transported in the past, it still has the same 1950s flair into it with soda shop chairs. They served paczki like every day of the year! Cheers to that!


New Palace Bakery

Another place to eat paczki when you cravings kick in is in the New Palace Bakery.  Some of their famous paczkis include almost all of the flavors you can get from fruits like cherry, apple, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and lemon. They also have great fillings like the usual chocolate Bavarian, plain Bavarian, buttercream, plain sugar, and custard. Yeah, I know, hard to choose right? That’s why they make it every day all year long.


Dilla’s Delights

This place is a game changer, they offer superb vegan options for donuts. That’s pretty amazing – now everyone can indulge in this little sweetness of made from heaven. You can easily locate Dilla’s Delights and parking isn’t a problem. You don’t have to be too picky when choosing the donuts as they are also pretty affordable. Dilla’s Delights also offers apple fritters, which are incredibly dense and can easily satisfy your cravings. However, be sure you hit the door early because once they sell out, they close for the day.


Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter serves the best fritters in the area. If you go there early in the morning you can still get freshly made fritters out of the over. You can even smell them by the door, the stint of cinnamon and in the apple pie like what everyone loves but this time it’s a donut form. They also offer a wide variety of freshly made donuts.



Beignets 2 Go

The food truck goes to the D and everyone is raving about it. Why not? They have a unique concept to the all-time favorite, topping each one of them with your choice of sauce. You can choose from Beignets 2 Go very own sauce of dark chocolate, powdered sugar, raspberry sauce and bacon. And they didn’t stop there; they also have their own delectable take on the ‘cronut’, which you have to try at least once.


Rose’s Fine Food

Rose’s Fine Food hasits own unique flair as a diner, the seating is comfy in a relaxed atmosphere. Even busy people who come here loosen a bit to take their time and enjoy good food.  They offer great artisanal food and amazing coffee. But their donuts are particularly noteworthy. They make their donuts fresh from scratch here – always a welcome addition to a donut shop. My advice is to buy whatever they have, but always check if they have chocolate first.


The Looney Baker

Craving a midnight snack? Or simply want more sweetness before turning in? Then head on to the Looney Baker as they are open 24/7 a day all year round. It’s not just okay donuts, they served the best fluffy cake donuts in the area. It’s topped with sprinkles and nuts, they also have other confectioners available every hour of the day.