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Spending time outdoors is becoming a bit of a lost artform. Those of us who like to get outside are finding fewer and fewer people to share our passions with, and it seems like it’s even worse when it comes to upcoming generations. And as outdoor activities go, fishing is losing traction with younger generations as it is, to them, not quite as exciting as throwing mad birds across a digital screen or sitting in front of a TV playing a video game for hours on end.

Thankfully, here in Colorado, our outdoors are so beautiful that the sheer majesty of it all can compete with video games. And for those who need instant feedback for their efforts, we have fishing spots that are sure to help you and your little ones catch fish whether it’s their first time out or you’re going with a veteran group of fishing friends. Here are some of our favorite fishing spots in CO:


Fryingpan River

Though you’ll read and see a lot about fly fishing on Fryingpan River, there are also a ton of spots that offer very calm movement that anyone with any kind of (cheap or kids’) pole can still have a great time.


Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area

The fishing in this area in south-central Colorado is so phenomenal that it’s also referred to as the “dream stream”. Of all the area that Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area covers, the best fishing spots within can be found along the South Platte River.


The Front Range Region

This part of Colorado is a veritable goldmine for those looking for a great place to fish. Included in this area is the Rocky Mountain National Park, Carter Lake, and Boyd Lake State Park. If you’re looking for good fishin and a great environment, you can take your pick of any of those.

If you plan on making a fishing trip in Colorado anytime soon, make sure to keep covered from the sun in one of our comfortable Colorado ballcaps!