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There is no place better than Traverse City, Michigan to spend a summer boating. The area surrounding Traverse City is rich in natural attractions, including forests, vineyards, and numerous freshwater beaches. In fact, the numerous nearby lakes will give you and your family tons of variety for a full summer of boating fun.

Let’s take a look at some of the best lakes for boating near Traverse City, Michigan.

Long Lake

Long Lake is the largest of the many lakes in Grand Traverse County, Michigan. This beautiful lake is just a short 15-minute drive west of Traverse City. It’s a very popular recreational lake in the area, with three public parks along the shore of the lake. Gilbert Park, Taylor Park, and Crescent Shores Park & Boat Launch are the places to go around Long Lake for fishing and boating.

Silver Lake

This gorgeous, small lake is well known for its irregular coastline surrounded with dense, fragrant pine forests. Silver Lake also has lots of pretty little islands and peninsulas for adventurous boaters to explore and fish. The public boat launch is located on the eastern shore, and Holiday Park Campground also has boat access as well as camping on Tent Island.

Lake Leelanau

Also known as Carp Lake, this lake is actually composed of two interconnected lakes, North Lake Leelanau and South Lake Leelanau. Just a short drive southeast of Traverse City, this large lake in Leelanau county encompasses around 8,608 acres.

The village of Lake Leelanau is the place to go to enjoy this lake’s scenic beauty and is the launch point for boating and fishing. Likewise, the tiny town of Leland has a full-service marina. The Manitou Islands within the lake are well known as a haven for wildlife and are accessible by boat, and camping is permitted on the islands.

Glen Arbor

The tiny township of Glen Arbor, in Leelanau County, is another popular launch point for boaters in Michigan. Glen Arbor is along the shores of Glen Lake to the east and to the west, Lake Michigan. Glen Lake is actually two interconnected lakes, Big Glen and Little Glen Lakes. Glen Lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Michigan.

Its waters are incredibly clear, and often seem to glow with iridescent shades of turquoise and indigo blue. Its pristine beauty and placid waters make this lake a popular lake for swimming, boating, and fishing. Likewise, the Crystal River meanders through points of the town; the river is a popular place to kayak and fly fish.

Torch Lake

At 19 miles in length, Torch Lake is the longest lake in Michigan, and with more than 18,000 acres, it’s also one of the largest lakes the state. Torch Lake is among the glorious Chain of Lakes, a 75-mile stretch of interconnected lakes spilling into Lake Michigan. The best place to access Torch Lake’s gorgeous water is at Torch Lake Township’s William K.

Good Day Park. The park has a pretty little beach, picnic areas, and a public boat launch making this a great place to spend a day boating and picnicking.

Michigan is a boaters paradise, rich in natural beauty, and the perfect place to enjoy “Lake Life”. Declare your love for the Lake Life with Michigan apparel from Livnfresh.com.