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Fall is upon us here in Michigan. As chilly fall winds bring thoughts of picking apples and decorating pumpkins, what better time could there be to talk about the best Michigan wine to sip while snuggling up in a warm blanket on those chilly Michigan nights.

Michigan Wine?

Why yes, did you know that Michigan is one of American’s largest wine producers? With a climate moderated by proximity to Lake Michigan, our fruit belts are home to hundreds of wineries and vineyards, many producing world-class wines.

Wineries and Vineyards? I thought they were the same thing.

That’s actually a very common misconception. A vineyard is a plantation that produces grapes for wine. Michigan has plenty of those, but Michigan has even more wineries. Wineries don’t have to have a vineyard attached, they just have to make wine. A winery can produce wine from a fruit other than grapes, and Michigan is certainly known for its delicious fruit wines, or a winery can produce wines procured from vineyards.

How Many Wineries are Located in Michigan?

Most Michigan wine is produced in areas of Western Michigan with climates heavily influenced by proximity to Lake Michigan. As of 2018, there were 148 commercial wineries in Michigan, producing 3 million gallons of wine.

So What Michigan Wines do I need to Taste This Fall

Well, part of me wants to say “all of them,” I think that might be excessive. Here at Livnfresh, perhaps the only thing we love more than talking about wine is drinking it. Here are our favorite Michigan wines, and I’m sure soon they’ll be yours, too:

  1. Chateau Grand Traverse Late Harvest Riesling 2016 – Traverse City’s lake moderated climate, with cool summers and a longer growing season than areas farther inland, is perfect for the production of this classic German white wine. Chateau Grand Traverse Late Harvest Riesling 2016 greets tasters with flavors of citrus flavors and floral honey. As the grapes are harvested later in the fall, sometimes even being allowed to freeze on the vine, Michigan Riesling tends to have a sweeter, crisper taste than other wines. Riesling is best enjoyed chilled and compliments spicy foods well.
  2. L. Mawby’s Detroit Sparkling Wine – Produced with a mix of select juices from top vineyards, this wine is bottled sweet, making it the perfect sipping drink for a girl’s night in. Of course, that doesn’t mean the guys can’t enjoy it, too. Here at Livnfresh, we don’t judge!
  3. Youngblood Vineyards Marquette Estate Grown 2018 – Yes, you read right, this estate produced blended red wine comes from cold, snowy Marquette, of all places. Even ‘Up Nort,’ the moderating lake effect allows for the production of some amazing wines. A barrel fermented and aged wine, this red is the perfect complement to rich, meaty Italian dishes – made with only the best Campari tomatoes from Yooperland, of course!

Here at Livnfresh, we love Michigan wine, and we love Michigan. Be sure to visit us at Livnfresh.con for some great Michigan inspired apparel.