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Alcohol has been Man’s friend (and occasional enemy) since it was first discovered by accident. Now, many years later, it is no accident that the art of cultivating alcohol has spread all across the world. Minnesota, our little corner of the world, just so happens to have some fantastic distilleries, where anyone can go out and taste the very best liquors you’ll find in this great state.


J. Carver Distillery

You know someone has nothing to hide when the front of their house is clear glass, and it’s clear that J. Carver Distillery has no reason to hide its fine alcohols with a front like that. The bold exterior leads to a warm interior, much like a good whiskey, and inside is wood accents and seating galore, among beautiful stills and an attractive gift shop. You can find J. Carver Distillery at 1320 Mill Ln. in lovely Waconia.

Loon Liquors Distillery

Loon does not have quite the atmosphere one might expect from a distillery, with rugged wooden picnic bench-style seating and candle lighting on the tables. It feels more like a craftsman’s shop than a distillery, but that actually works in its favor. Overall the warm tones give the impression of being immersed in the mind of the distillery’s owners, while being surrounded either by drinks in the tasting room, or by bottles of fresh liquor and other gifts elsewhere in here. Loon Liquor Distillery is at 1325 Armstrong Rd. #165, in Northfield.

Du Nord Craft Spirits

Du Nord is a place that does what it does, and does it well. The distillery is open for touring, but perhaps the most interesting part of the trip is the cocktail room. The menu is limited and mixed drinks will only include a handful of spirits, but the staff is attentive and serve a fine cocktail to boot. Overall, the experience is such a relaxed one that you could imagine making a visit here into part of one’s weekly routine. You’ll find Du Nord at 2610 E 32nd St, in good ol’ Minneapolis.


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