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Colorado is one of the greatest places on Earth, blessed with both natural resources, some of the best cities in the USA, and wonderful natural resources. You don’t get to be a state with topography like Colorado without having some fabulous places to do mountain biking. While there are many places in the state that can provide a good time on a mountain bike, read on to see where some of the best places are to ride in the Centennial State.


Grand Valley Trail Networks

Fruita, Loma, Grand Junction, and Palisade make up the Grand Valley region of Colorado, which has an extensive network of bike trails. What sets these ones apart from the others is that most of the trails are single track, desert biome paths, where Colorado is better known for its mountains and cooler climate. Kokopelli-Area and 18 Roads Trails are two of the best paths to bike on in this region, and give a wonderful view of this western Coloradan vista.


Boreas Pass

Breckenridge is a town famous for hospitality and the highest skiing chair lift in North America, but it also has a incredible 6 mile bike trail at Boreas Pass. The trail winds past abandoned mining sites and equipment and is a very easy ride, while still offering the majestic mountainside views people have come to expect from Colorado.

Buffalo Creek

It’s hard to think of Colorado’s bike trails without mentioning Buffalo Creek, the beloved trail in Pine southwest of Denver. It’s 14 miles long, pulling it into a more lengthy bike trip category, but the key here is that the ride is very easy-going, with long inclines that lead to even longer stretches of downhill over easy terrain.

Overall, Colorado is certainly a destination to contemplate if you are at all interested in mountain biking, and especially if you love having a beautiful view as you mountain bike. Give the state some thought when you consider your next vacation destination and when you discover how much you love biking there, you’ll want to grab yourself something from our Colorado Mountain gear.