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If you’re trying to find pizza in upstate New York, you’re generally looking for a haystack inside another, larger haystack. New York-style pizza is famous for its simplicity in shape, excellence in flavor, and love of functionality, but because of that, you can find it all over the place. Where, then, is one to find the best ‘za, especially in the state most famous for its popularity? While this might not be the be-all end-all of lists, we do have some upstate Empire State pizzerias that might be worth reaching out and grabbing a slice or twelve from.


Mario & Salvo’s Pizzeria

Let’s get started in the wonderful college town of Syracuse. One of the features of this town when it comes to pizza is Mario & Salvo’s Pizzeria, which serves a lovely pie. The dough is thin, yet both soft and crispy on the bottom, a sign of both good ovens and a well-trained staff. And, of course, the flavor is nothing short of delicious as well. This little slice of paradise can be found at 4326 E. Genesee St., off of Syracuse’s main streets.


Hot Off The Brick New York Style Pizza

Northeast of Syracuse in the town of Clark Mills, there is a pizzeria whose name is as much a label as it is a method. Hot Off The Brick looks kind of like the food it offers: warm and homey. This pizza joint sells all sorts of delicious comfort food, but if you’re focused on the pizzas like I think you are, you will not be disappointed by the giant $2 slices or the amazing oven that you can just see if you’re standing right at the counter. You can find this place at 4882 Clinton St, in  Clark Mills going north from Highway 5.


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