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There’s nothing quite like a great slice of pizza, especially when it’s from one of the best pizzerias that Michigan has to offer. Pizza not your thing?  Check out some awesome restaurants in Lansing.


Brooklyn Pizza

Location: 111 Henrietta St, Birmingham, MI

True to its name, Brooklyn Pizza serves the best New York style pizza in Birmingham. Don’t let the size of the place fool you, they pack in the flavor into every slice of their pizza. The best part is they cook their thin crust pizza in a brick oven. What makes their pizza so tasty is the choice of ingredients which are always fresh and perfectly baked. Brooklyn Pizza also has an outdoor seating, so you can relish every slice while enjoying the warm weather. If it’s a little hot for you grab some of their delicious ice cream. On a strict diet? No problem, this place serves veggie, gluten free, vegan and even vegan gluten free options.


Bernie O’s Pizza

Location: 321 Center St, Muskegon, MI

Their twist pizza sends everyone who tasted it into a frenzy mode. People can’t get enough of the award-winning pizza. The best time to hit this place is during their lunch buffet, where you can have as much of their best-selling pizza as you want. Some of the food that you must try is their Hot wings, calzone, and their fantastic salad bar. They are very accommodating and can serve vegetarian for guests who are on this particular diet. Good food and even better service.


Fricano’s Too

Location: 174 S River Ave, Holland, MI

Founded in 1949, Fricanos’s is probably the first pizzeria that opened in Michigan. Cosimo (Gus) Fricano was the mastermind of all the delicious and tasty thin crust pizza they have. To pair their perfectly cooked thin crust pizza, they offer a beer in a can. If you are not into thin crust pizza, this place will change your mind. From the time they started till now, they perfected making pizza. It’s a great place to grab some good old pizza and a drink. Fricano’s is a great place for pizza lovers, authentic, simple and delicious. It’s one of those places where you can get high-quality food and great service. Don’t forget to bring some cash though, they don’t accept plastics.



Silver Beach Pizza

Location: 410 Vine St, St Joseph, MI

You cannot ask for a perfect location for a slice of pizza. Silver Beach Pizza has located just a few meters away from the beach. It’s definitely worth a long drive to this place. Great pizza and great views, that other pizzeria can beat that? Not to mention a train ride that past right in front of the place. This is not just a great experience but a fantastic way to enjoy the food.  Another great thing about the place is that they also serve gluten free pizza and gluten free dairy products. Try to come early as it gets really busy during peak times. If not, then it’s worth the wait to get that food.


Towne Square Pizza

Location:  135 E Main St, Pinckney, MI

Towne Square Pizza is the pride of the community in Pinckney. It’s locally owned and operated, which a handful of the community can only manage. Their pizza is the greatest in the area but their cheese bread sticks is also a must try. Whenever you travel also take the time to drop by and get to know the place better in places like this. They just don’t offer great food; they also impart great history as well. A trip like this is always worth your time.


Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery

Location:  441 W Canfield St #9, Detroit, MI

As their name implies, Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery has a wonderful vibe to its place. They serve foods from the classic choice of pizza to artisan flavor. Jolly Pumpkin also offers a wide variety of pizza like margarita pizza, pork pie, and the usual pepperoni. Choosing a pizza might be difficult at first because they offer great pizza at a reasonable price, deciding is another part. Because they serve great combination like the South Pacific that uses dried pineapples as an alternative for the fresh ones, pizza topped with garlic and mushrooms and even Korean BBQ pizzas. It’s also a great place to grab some drink to drown that pizza with. The place also has a great parking area, where you can easily find a spot.


Supino Pizzeria

Location: 2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI

Supino Pizzeria had changed over the past years. They made it more convenient for their patrons to come back and order their favorite pizza. They now have a spacious sit-down area and servers will greet you once you stepped inside.

One thing remained the same, their great pizza. You can also order your drink of choice while you wait for your pizza. Another must try is their pizza and pasta special for the day. The change attracts more customers to try their great selection of food. The takeout orders remain the same as well and placed in their usual location. Supino Pizzeria is some of the great places that offer the best pizza in the region.


Pangea’s Pizza

Location: 135 E Front St #1, Traverse City, MI

Pangea’s Pizza offers great pizza, and good beer a good combination every time. The service tops are all up, friendly staff and fair price. It’s a fantastic local restaurant that you must try whenever you go in Traverse City. They have served the best pizza in town. The place will even make a gluten-free pizza to fit your special diet, so you can always be assured that you are served nothing but the best.