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During a vacation in Michigan, make sure to spend some time in Woodhaven. Along with some wonderful things to do, they have a great selection of places to eat. Below are some of our favorites.


Christoff’s Family Dining Restaurant

Great for: Families and group of people (Homemade Food)

Christoff’s seemed like a regular family owned diner nothing special about the place, nothing bad either. ‘But wait until you taste their food. It’s the closest thing you can have to homemade comfort food when eating out. It’s a good place to dine along with your family especially with you have kids.  Even though some people referred the place to be a Greek restaurant, most of their menus are classic Americans foods, which most of the times are home made. It’s a popular place for the locals, and you’ll get the feeling that everyone seems to know everyone. They serve generous food for a relatively cheap price, so no complaints there. Staffs are friendly, making sure you don’t leave unsatisfied or famished.


Olga’s Kitchen

Great for: Family and people who love Vegan

Not all cities can offer vegan food, so it’s really nice to have a break from the ordinary in Olga’s Kitchen. They have a unique flair of the usual Greek cuisine, a bit pricey but well worth it. They also have other locations, but the foods taste the same at each location. They also have a meal where you are given a complete course; you can have your choice of meat, a basket of snackers and a drink. People are raving about their snackers, a must try whenever you visit Olga’s. This place beat any other ordinary meal of burger, pizza, and pasta kind of thing. Seems like this place can turn an ordinary American classic into a Greek style cuisine, like what they did on fries. They serve curly fries with their own sauce and feta cheese. If you are driving along and find an Olga’s Kitchen, make sure to stop and order something.


Sparta Family Dining Restaurant

Great for: Dining for family with kids (Great Food for a cheaper price)    

It seems like nothing can beat Sparta for a good meal at a very inexpensive price around Woodhaven. It is a must for travelers when dropping by in the area. They are very accommodating especially for rowdy kids, they have very friendly servers. Don’t let the exterior fool you, as their foods speak good service. They served great breakfast menus with very generous portions. Good food, great servers at a reasonable price. It’s a hard to find a place like this. Woodhaven is great during the summer time. The place offers lots of activities and historical tours around the area.  


Blue Margarita Restaurant

Great for: To dine solo or with a friend (booze is involved)

When you need a drink or two, locals usually suggest that you go to Blue Margarita Restaurant. As their name implies, they serve great Margaritas, (no surprises there).  It’s a great place to dine alone, since can get packed easily, making new friends should not be that difficult. Or you can ask a friend to join for lunch. They also offer good food at a very reasonable price, even their booze isn’t on the pricey side. But remember; don’t go overboard on that liquid diet! You can order food from the bar or in a parlor, nevertheless, its endless fun time. As it can be very busy a times, you just need a little bit of wait time or you can come a little early than the usual lunch or dinner time.


Black Rock Restaurant

Great for: Family dinner and night outs

This is a unique place and a peculiar take away from the usual steak dinner. It’s a fun dining experience for the family.  Blackrock Restaurant will serve you raw steak and a very hot stone reaching 800 degrees temperature. You can cook the steak in which you can cook to your desired taste on top of the heated stone. Servers will even teach you the proper way of using the stone.  Careful not to touch the stone, and certainly keep your kids from grabbing the stone or you (they) will regret it. Blackrock also serves enormous portions of the side that can easily satisfy 4 to 5 persons. As a great combination with the steak, Blackrock also offers a selection of indulgent wines. Aside from the steak they also serve other classic local favorites like baby back ribs and more.


Shish Garden

Great for: People on a diet (if you just stick to their salad choices)

Shish Garden offers Middle Eastern restaurant with huge servings. It’s a Lebanese restaurant that serves great lamb dishes, bread even coffees. If you are following particular diet try their salad and bread with garlic. They also offer pita wraps if you are in a hurry, just grab one of these and you have a great snack on the way.  But I suggest spending time with your food here, relishing all of the unique flavors of the Middle Eastern cuisine. You can expect great service in this place along with their food with is reasonably priced. It’s the best Lebanese restaurant with the authentic flavor.

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