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Asking someone out is difficult enough, let alone choosing a perfect place to take your date.  Whether it’s your first date or you’re looking for something fresh to spend the day with your loved one, you will adore these places in Clinton Township. The area has more to offer than what you might think and makes for a great day trip if you’re vacationing in Detroit.

Now let’s start with something friendly, even families with kids (and kids at heart) will surely love these places.


George George Memorial Park

What would be friendlier than a walk in the park? This place is great to spend a day in a leisure walk with nature. There plenty of room to walk or jog, if your date seemed to be a more athletic type. A walk in a garden with flowers, fountain, trees and bushes is always romantic in a subtle way. Beautiful sceneries in every corner and great if you want to take pictures as a remembrance. The place is also perfect for the pre-nuptials photo shoot and even in prom pictures. The pavilion are worth mentioning to hosts events, ( a wedding perhaps?) it’s well maintained and very nice.


C.J. Barrymore’s Sports & Entertainment

If you want a little bit of fun and wants to rouse kid inside you then visit C.J. Barrymore’s.  They have the latest and greatest arcade games that are in really good shape. What is really nice about this place is the energy which will always give you good vibes throughout the day. This place is full of kids and surprisingly enough adults too. It might not be advisable to go if you want a quiet time together. But if you are going on a blind date, this probably is the safest place to go out with. You can play arcades games or laser tags.  If it didn’t go that well, at least you enjoy being a kid once in a while.


Morley Candy Makers  

A sweet something for your sweetheart (cheesy I know… but can’t help myself using the term). The Home of Sanders Candy, Morley Candy Makers will definitely bring sweet smiles on both of your faces. It’s a tour where you will both watch a short film about chocolate at the start of the tour. Think something like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you can watch how they make freshly made candies or whatever they making that day. If you are lucky, you can even witness how they make their famous hot fudge topping and bumpy cakes. They will even let you sample some their candies at the end of the tour. If you can’t get enough of the place, there is a shop within the vicinity to bring home some of their famous made candies and confectioners.


Painting with a Twist

To bring out some artistic talent in you or if you want to spend the day learning a new skill, then Painting with a Twist is the perfect place for both of you. The instructors are really helpful in teaching you painting techniques. Actually, all of the staffs are friendly and attentive. The best of all is you and your date can casually sip some wine or relish an ice cold beer while doing some artwork. Don’t bring too much though, you want to be sober until the end. You don’t want to take home an artwork that looks like mashups of everything.  There was never a dull moment in the room; the instructor will bring the room alive when everyone seems too concentrated on their own thing. You and your date will surely have fun making those artworks, whatever your painting skills are.


Michigan By The Bottle Tasting Room

A nice dinner would certainly end the day well for the both of you.  Try this place, you can grab something to eat and something to drink. Why get a bottle of wine when you can taste several? Also, they have beautiful nooks perfect for a date night. I would recommend going to this place on Fridays since they have live entertainment to pair with those wines. Michigan is best known for its wine, and this is one of those places where you can try locally brewed wines. They have extensive selections of wine and don’t worry about getting overwhelmed with the selections. The staffs are all friendly and accommodating they help you choose the perfect match for your food. It’s a great place if you want to taste most of Michigan’s wine trails. After all those activities, you may want to sip a glass of wine, relish the day with your date, just relax and feel the ambiance.


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