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Snowboarding is a really fun activity whether you are doing it alone or with a group. It is not exactly for a family with little kids, but for single people this is such a great way to work out. A lot of the world’s best ski resorts are found in Colorado. On the other side, there are some ski resorts that are better for a family gathering and a few that works best for singles snowboarding. Searching for a snowboarding destination in Colorado can be difficult since there are a lot of great snowboard services providers.

Here are a couple skiing resorts for the snowboarders who want to go solo.

Aspen Resorts

Any snowboarding enthusiast would know Aspen due to the one big event, sometimes considered to be THE EVENT, of snowboarding that it will take care of. We are talking about the Winter X Games.  You can meet fellow athletic singles here with that wonderful lineup of events. Ever since 2002, the eminent snowboarding games are held in Aspen, particularly Buttermilk ski resort. This proves how modern and safe the facilities are. This also shows how serious the Aspen resorts are for skiing and snowboarding.

You can be assured of amazing facilities, great accommodations, and enthusiastic people. This makes the resort group one of the best choices for snowboarding. It has a wonderful nightlife, so all of the single people can congregate and just have fun.

Aspen Snowmass is known for its three terrain parks. Lowdown park is appropriate for beginning snowboarders and for those who want to transition to the intermediate level. It has a half pipe that is suitable for single snowboarders who just want to take it slow. For those in the intermediate level, the second park would be a great fit for you. It has around 15 features for boxes and rails and another 10 features for jumps and other interesting concepts. This is great for those who want to practice pulling off tricks. For those in the expert level, the Snowmass Park works best. It has around 50 medium to large features, which gives expert solo snowboarders a lot of room to play in.

The aspen resort group has operations on four resorts, and Aspen Snowmass is more known for snowboarding. If you want to meet like-minded individuals, Snowmass is the place to go, but the other Aspen resorts can also be a viable choice.

Copper Mountain Ski Resort

For those who are looking more for the mountain and local flavor, Copper Mountain Ski Resort is the best choice for great things to do in Colorado. The great thing about this resort is that it combines both urban convenience and the local laid-back ambiance. There is the T-Rex Grill, where you can get amazing burgers and beers. You can also get a wonderful fine dining experience in Moonlight Dine and Ski game. Are you perhaps in the mood to meet with locals? Then you can head over to Flyer’s, which is copper mountain’s little secret area for gathering and meeting up with interesting people.

They also have the Big Island Terrain Park, which is a great way to meet single snowboarders and have fun. There are rails where you can practice your snowboarding tricks and also an area where you can just spectate on the amazing snowboarders.

With 27 ski resorts, Colorado can offer you a great winter vacation. For snowboarders looking for fun, these two resorts will definitely meet your expectations.

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