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Best Restaurants In Traverse City Michigan 2016

Whenever visiting Traverse City Michigan, you will not run out of places to eat. Traverse City has been hailed as a Foodie Heaven by some of the most influential TV and Cooking Personalities. Traverse’s surrounding natural environment supports the growth of agricultural produce most of which ends up on the tables of most restaurants in the area. Michigan has an ample fresh fish supply which ensures fresh fish and seafood to the numerous eateries. Originality distinguishes the menus in Traverse City’s restaurants. Engage your taste buds and visit some of these restaurants.

Get a taste of Italian dishes at Trattoria Stella

Trattoria Stella is a fun place to eat out while in Michigan’s Pinky. The restaurant serves tasty Italian foods and farm fresh menus. The restaurant is located in the Grand Traverse Commons area and the old Traverse City State Hospital which dates back to the late 1800’s. Stella is part of the old buildings that are going through restoration. The history of the buildings is awesome.

Stella also serves local foods and custom-prepared meals at reasonable prices.

Eat out at Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen with Cajun food to die for

Pearls in Elk Rapids is a great eatery featuring Cajun food to die for. Cajun here is served with a variety of other mouthwatering courses. You can wash down your Cajun food with exotic bourbon.

Other meals on Pearl’s menu include:

  • Bayou Alligator – This meal consists of fresh crawfish flown from Bayou served with remoulade sauce for tasty dipping. You can choose to have your fresh crawfish blackened or southern fried out with other tasty combinations.
  • Brisket of Beef – This is slow simmered beef that is very tender. The brisket beef is served with cheddar mashed potatoes, pan gravy and fresh vegetables. Yummy!
  • Crawfish Benedict (Sunday Brunch) – Don’t know what to eat for breakfast and lunch on Sunday? Well, try out Pearl’s fresh beignets heaped with sautéed crawfish cakes, poached eggs and garnished with jalapeno hollandaise accompanied by cheddar stuffed hash browns.
  • Shrimp and Grits – This delicacy consists of Gulf shrimp that is sauteed with herbed garlic butter, Andouille sausage and charred tomato with special cheddar grits.
  • Pearl’s Etouffee – This is Pearl’s special Etouffee sauce combined with onions, garlic, celery, bell peppers, cayenne pepper and other garnishes that is served over dirty rice.
  • Desert and coffee are great not to forget the happy hour drinks and appetizers.


Eating out at Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen is a must try any time you visit Traverse City, Michigan. Though not located in Traverse City, it is close enough to make the extremely gorgeous drive there. The menu has various choices even for picky eaters. As we understand it after eating there a few times, the Chef’s Mother or Wife is Gluten Intolerant so they have a fantastic Gluten Free Menu to choose from. You will enjoy the restaurants authentic eats served by friendly and smiling staff. The indoor setting and décor are adorable. The place can get filled up fast later in the day, go early if you don’t want to wait.

Amical – Enjoy French food with amazing desserts

 Amical Brunch

Amical is a delightful small but cozy restaurant with a welcoming environment. The tablecloths are neat black and white checked. The eatery serves delicious French foods and deserts. You can as well enjoy meals sourced locally like chicken pot pie. Other meals in the list include bacon, cheese omelet and spinach. Fish loverswill enjoy a taste of grilled tilapia and mouth watering sauce. Rich tomato basil soup is also served with a variety of meals.


You will love Amical’s desserts and olives collection too. Try their coffee too and Napoleon.


Georgina‘s for amazing fusion of Latin and Asian appetizers

Georgina’s is the right place to be in downtown Traverse City if want you want to enjoy authentic Asian or Latin taqueria. Located in the Old “Phil’s On Front” location, this restaurant is famously known for its Latin and Asian fusions which consists of salads, desserts, entrees and other appetizers. You have to try the “Around the World Tacos” they are truly to die for!

You can eat out at Georgia’s at any time of the day or night; your selection is unlimited no matter how any people you are in your group. Making reservations will ensure that you get the best custom prepared meals.


Towne Plaza

Dinner And Drinks At Towne Plaza Restaurant in Traverse City MI

Dinner And Drinks At Towne Plaza Restaurant in Traverse City MI

If you are a pork lover, then this is your place. Featuring loads of pork food options, but the bone marrow and the pork belly are out of this world. For pork-inspired dishes, head to Towne Plaza. The plaza serves original meals with locally sourced ingredients prepared in a unique way. Pig is prepared and served in a variety of the foods served at the Plaza. Here is a list of some of the best pig-inspired foods that you must try at the restaurants:

  • Pork belly – Pork belly is served with fried green tomato, micro greens and Tabasco vinaigrette
  • Surf and Turf – This meal consists of seared pork belly, arugula, fried oyster and other servings
  • Benedict – In this menu is English muffin, poached egg, smoked fontina cream and Canadian bacon.
  • Pulled pork in puff – You can as well to enjoy a Kansas city BBQ
  • Ostrich – Caramelized onion, cheddar potato grating and other ingredients make a super meal.

Towne Plaza makes a variety of other meals that you can enjoy taking for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The restaurant also serves a good selection of wines and beer to wash down your satisfying meal.

Traverse City is surrounded by beauty with our bays and smaller lakes. If you are visiting Traverse City, you u will be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing the places to eat but starting with the above ones is the way to go.

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