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A beach is a place of utter recreation may it be a seashore or a lakeshore, as long as there’s sun, sand, and water, there’s bound to be fun. It can be as simple as hanging out by the shores on a modest patio, or you can attend the various festivals and events that happen on the sandy lake shores. So, let’s gear up, gets some sun and have some fun!

While (obviously) not in our great state of Michigan, Chicago is planted firmly on the shores of our state’s namesake lake, Lake Michigan, so I think it’s alright if we give the city a pass this time. Also, before we begin, all of Chicago’s beaches are open from May to September and may adjust depending on how the season goes, so make sure you plan ahead.


Oak Street Beach

Arguably the most popular place to hang out on Chicago’s shores. It’s located at 1000 N Lake Shore Drive in Downtown. It’s the closest beach to the central town and hosts volleyball tournaments, various concession stands, restaurants, bike and watersports rentals, along with bathrooms, first-aid stations, and of course, a lifeguard station. Oak Street is not as crowded during the day and comes to a new life during the evening.


North Avenue Beach

Another one of Chicago’s popular beaches which is located in 1600 N Lake Shore Dr. It has all the amenities of a beach like concession stands, rentals for bikes and water sports like jet skis and kayaks. It also has the essential first-aid stations, restrooms and lifeguard stations. North Avenue beach is popular with teenagers and it’s not uncommon to have music parties in this part of Chicago.


Rainbow Beach

Located in 2873 E 75th St Rainbow Beach is a 60-acre beach. It contains the beach quintessential similar to North Avenue and Oak Street. During the day, it’s mostly casual fun in the sun for visitors, but at night, the fire awakens. It’s common for people to start barbecues during the night. A family friendly beach filled with all family-oriented facilities.


31st Beach Street

Not as popular, but considered one of the best if you’re looking for a decent beach that has a playground. 31st Beach Street is easily accessible by car and requires a bit f a walk by foot, but the result is worth it. Not as crowded and with that, the beach is relatively clean. It also has the quintessential of the beaches, especially the lifeguards who often go on canoes to supervise the beach’s visitors.


Kathy Osterman Beach

Found in 5800 North Lake Shore Drive, this beach is also called “Hollywood Beach”. The place is not as crowded and is popular because it has been unofficially known as the LGBTQ Beach. Also has all the quintessential needs of a beach, with food stalls and clean bathrooms. Chinese festivals are held here, like the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and the Chinese Moon Festival. Easily a beach for all walks of life.


Montrose Beach

Not the largest, nor the most spectacular, this beach found at 601 W Montrose Ave, has its charms. It hosts one of the best, if not the only, dog beaches. Half the beach is a fenced area where you can bring man’s best friend out for some sandy shoreline fun. It’s also a good spot for bird watching as seagulls, hawks, and all manner of lake-faring birds flock and fly close to the shores, (but not too close to the people.) It has all the needed stalls for a lake beach, and it offers a great view of Chicago.


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