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If you like fishing, you can hardly do better than Wisconsin for freshwater lake and river fishing. Seems like you don’t have to drive far at all to find a body of water practically teeming with life just waiting to be snatched by an enthusiastic fisher. Whether you fish for sport or food, once you have a state fishing license, the whole, varied waterfronts of Wisconsin are yours to explore and command.


Lake Winnebago

Two words for you here: Walleye fishing. Lake Winnebago is Wisconsin’s biggest lake not bordering another state or country, and as such there are plenty of places to fish, with multiple homey cities bordering it, and docks for boats or just for fishing from. The lake freezes in the winter, so if you’re a winter fishing kind of fisher, depending on the kind of ice fishing involved there can still be things to do.

Pigeon Lake

Now, I’m not sure if there’s some sort of regulation preventing more than one place from being called Pigeon Lake, but there’s one northwest of Winnebago by a little town called Clintonville, and it has some very idyllic fishing. It comes across as more of a large river than a lake in places, but the water is always slow, and the surroundings are always green, and nowhere feels quite as peaceful. Plus there’s several shops nearby to get supplies at, so you’re always prepared for a lazy day of fishing.

Green Bay

Funnily enough, it can slip the mind once in a while that Packers’ hometown Green Bay is named that way because it’s built on the end of a bay. The Green Bay itself is a large body of water, connecting to Lake Michigan to the east, and grants access to both shallow water and deep water fish, all with sweet freshwater flesh and a big place to swim around. Lake fishing has never been as good as it has been in Green Bay.


Ready to go fishing? Remember to grab your favorite Great Lakes Girl Ballcap to protect yourself from the sun while looking good!