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It’s the simple things in life that are often the best, and what simple pleasure is better or more universally loved than a good glass of wine? With all of the rainfall and sun and heat Wisconsin receives, it’s surprising more don’t think of this state first when they think of wine. Wisconsin may be best known for its cheese and sports, but don’t underestimate how good its wine is or the wonderful wineries that produce this wine. After all, if you have the best cheese in the country, it certainly won’t hurt to have a fine wine to go with it.


Wollersheim Winery

The Wollersheim Winery is located on the site of the historic Kehl Winery, which first operated starting 1867. It later would become a dance hall during the Prohibition Era, and now it’s the home of Wollersheim, which has turned the estate back into a functioning winery and distillery. The complex is available for tours and there is a wine tasting at the end. But perhaps best of all, it has a very warm atmosphere, which makes the wine taste that much better. The winery can be located at 7876 State Rd. 188 near Prairie du Sac.

Botham Vineyards & Winery

Another fine place to tour, Botham Vineyards & Winery is a verdant estate with trees framing the long rows of grapes with classic mid-century shop decorations and signs to liven up the inside and the outdoor dining area. Make sure not to miss the winery gift shop, which has many great gifts, foods and wines for sale.  Botham can be found at 8180 Langberry Rd., Barneveld, which is located in southeast Wisconsin.

There are plenty of other wineries to see, but if you want to turn heads when you go to visit, make sure you or the gal you’re with is wearing a hoodie that shows off your appreciation for the Great Lakes, which help give Wisconsin the rain it needs to make such lovely wine