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Why Michigan White Wines Taste So Good?

Navigation: It's All About Location Rich Soil and Great Lakes A Quick Guide to Michigan-Exclusive White Wines A glass of white wine is the perfect thing to enjoy during a

3 Best Wine Tours In Traverse City

Navigation: 5-Hour Traverse City Wine Tour by Magic Shuttle Designated Driver Tour Blue Lakes By The Bay Conclusion Traverse City is home to some of the best wines in the

What US Presidents Are From Michigan?

Navigation: Ford’s Early Life in Michigan Ford’s Career at the University of Michigan Ford’s Rise to Prominence Ford’s Michigan Legacy What US state is the birthplace to the most presidents?

How did Michigan become a State?

Navigation: French Explorers Urban Areas   Michigan has a long and fascinating history. By the time it was admitted to the union as the 26th state on January 26, 1837,

The Best Coolers for Beach Days

Navigation: RTIC Beach Cooler Coleman 16-Can Soft Beach Cooler Yeti Roadie 20 Beach Cooler Yeti Hopper Flip Portable Beach Cooler Beach weather is our favorite kind of weather, and we’re

How did Michigan get the Upper Peninsula?

Navigation: The Origins of Michigan The Toledo War The Great Upper Penninsula There's no denying that Michigan has a fairly unique look. While most of the state makes sense from

A History of Michigan’s First Vineyard

Navigation: Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail Leelanau Peninsula Vintners Association Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula Southeast Michigan Pioneer Wine Trail Many people are unaware of the rich history steeped in

Best Paddle Boarding Destinations In Michigan

Navigation: Paddle Boarding Sites Paddle Boarding We all know Michigan rocks. We are known for automobiles and Motown. We are the only state to have upper and lower peninsulas. There

The Best Wedding Venues in Northern Michigan

Navigation: Castle Farms The Homestead Resort Blue Bridge Visions at CentrePointe Northern Michigan is a magical place. It has sleeping bear dunes and tunnels made of trees. You can explore