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You’ve enjoyed sports for as long as you can remember. There’s nothing like the experience of being at the big game. Watching on television just doesn’t compare, and you don’t understand why some say that they’d rather sit at home and watch from there.

You want to be surrounded by fellow fans with the action taking place right in front of you. And you’re now wondering if it’s time to bring your children to experience this with you. Perhaps you have memories of your mom, dad or both bringing you to games and are looking forward to experiencing that with your own children. But is it too soon?

A lot of factors will come into play when it comes to deciding if your child is too young to bring to a college or pro sports game. Perhaps the most important thing to note is that there is no exact age. It all depends on how mature your child is and what you’re comfortable with exposing them to.


Will your kid be able to sit still for the entire game or at least long enough for it to be worth taking them? This is an especially important point if you’re going to be attending a sold-out contest, meaning that there’s not going to be much or any extra room to let off excess energy. Conversely, going to a lesser-attended sports event such as the University of Michigan soccer or baseball games could be a great option as there will likely be much more room for excess energy to be released.

Leaving Early?

In some cases, bringing your children may mean that you’ll need to leave the game early. This could be related to fidgeting, and it could also be related to when they need to be in bed. Regardless, are you going to want to spend $100 or so on tickets and leave early? Are you going to be okay with leaving early even if the monetary aspect is not an issue?

Language and Drinking

Are you comfortable with your child being around foul language and drinking? In most cases, this is going to be the case at these types of events, and you need to ensure that this is something that you’re comfortable with prior to bringing your child into that type of environment. With that said, some teams have family-friendly sections, so do your research and head there if that better suits your needs.

Does Your Child Want to Go?

This is, sadly, an overlooked point for some parents. Does your child want to go? This needs to be a must-have as this is not something that you should make your child experience. It should be something that is anticipated and that they’re excited about or at least intrigued by.


However, despite these precautionary notes, good times and great memories will be experienced by most. There’s nothing like the first time that you bring your child to a sports event, and it may end up being one of theirs too. Of course, that’s another reason why you might want to wait as the older the child is, the more likely the memories from that experience will remain. Regardless, when the time is right, bring your kid, and have a great time.

When you do make your way to that first sports event with your child, make sure to come adorned in great Michigan-inspired apparel such as what Livnfresh has available.