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Michiganders are a step apart from the rest. If you love Michigan, you know what it means to put your hand up and use it as a map. You love the lake, you know how to drive in the snow, and you know how to show off that mitten state pride. This is exactly the kind of thing you want to show off, which might have you wondering where you can buy cool Michigan themed t-shirts, hoodies, watches, or other apparel for showing off what the great lakes state has to offer. That’s why LivnFresh is here for you with our line of unique, Michigan proud Tee shirts and hoodies.

Where Can I Buy Cool Michigan Themed T Shirts

When you visit our brick-and-mortar store in Traverse City, MI, you can count on family-oriented, Michigan based designs, made right here in Gaylord, MI. We have happily lived in Northern Michigan for a long time where we have built up twenty-five years of screen printing experience. Combined with our love of life and all that it offers, our designs embody the Michigan spirit we feel in our hearts. Now, through LivnFresh, we are overjoyed to bring happiness to our customers’ lives through our designs, carefully printed on the highest quality apparel.

But this isn’t only about quality Tee shirts, this is about you. This is about your lifestyle. Your summer days spent at the Traverse City Cherry Festival, hanging out with your friends and family. The countless days you spend on the lake fishing, camping, biking, golfing, hunting and so much more. These are the things you do with your family that make your life great. Why not celebrate them?

You don’t want to pick up souvenirs just to pick up souvenirs; you want to have items you’ll use regularly, and that will offer joy to your life. You want quality fabrics, well-printed designs, and hoodies that when you snuggle into them, you remember what it felt like to spend an evening skipping rocks by the lake. You want to treasure these memories for you, for your family, and for your children.


Where Can I Buy Cool Michigan Themed T Shirts

If you’re wondering what kind of shirts will be able to do what for you, we have you covered. Do you love to camp? Check out our Michigan Camper Men’s T-Shirt. Or maybe our Campfire Women’s V-neck is more your speed. In love with the lake? (Who isn’t?) Check out our Great Lakes Women’s Hoodie. These are just a few of the great, unique designs you can count on finding when you visit the LivnFresh shop in person.

The next time you’re in Traverse City, MI, looking for a few souvenirs to show off that Michigander pride, be sure to check out the LivnFresh shop, where we’ll have all your needs covered! You can find us downtown at 121 E. Front St, or reach us by phone at 1-231-445-5548. We look forward to seeing you!

In the meantime, you can always shop online here at www.livnfresh.com, and trust that our quality products will be shipped directly to you from our warehouse in Gaylord, MI.