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Motor City Detroit was the powerhouse that started the auto industry in the united states over 100 years ago, but as markets change, will Detroit be able to stay in the competition and evolve to meet the needs and demands of the rapidly evolving industry?

CBS will have the answers in their “Eye on the Future” special Saturday, Dec. 10.


Detroit put the world on wheels over 100 years ago. With stiff competition from Silicon Valley, Pittsburgh, China and Japan, will the city and state also be the center of the new autonomous revolution?

And how will this seismic shift to self-driving vehicles impact you and your family?

CBS 62 is proud to present its latest “Eye on the Future” special “Giving Up the Wheel, a Look at our Autonomous Future.”

Leaders at the forefront will explain how Detroit and our state are dealing with transformational changes in this riveting 30-minute special which airs Saturday, Dec. 10 at 7 p.m. Continue Reading