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To us, Livnfresh is more than just a company that makes money by selling (the coolest) state pride apparel. The owners, the staff, and everyone on the LivnFresh team love where we are from which is Michigan. And our goal is to make super fun, comfortable and inspiring clothes that you can feel good about wearing. Anyone can slap a logo of the state of Michigan and say they are “pro-Michigan”. However, we are Michigan made.

Our love of the Mitten State resonates within each and every stitch of clothing, and every shirt, hoodie or hat we sell.  We are LivnFresh and we make clothing for active people who want to wear inspired clothing that shows off what they love. We believe that when you’re free to express your love for your home, your state, and your country—you are TRULY living fresh.

And what is not to love about Michigan? From the beaches and lakes to the lovely Michigan weather, this state inspires us at every turn.

We love the Great Lakes. It’s one of the defining characteristics of Michigan. The beauty of it makes just about every recreational activity that much more enjoyable. And it’s freshwater. None of that salt nastiness. We have enough of that on the roads during the winter. 

Families can hike, bike, boat, swim, and snorkel in create memories in the amazing Great Lakes and inland lakes. Michigan is the only state in the union that is almost completely surrounded by water. 

In fact, you can see OUR state from space. Back in 2010, NASA provided a stunning image of a cloudless summer day over the entire Great Lakes region, and it just highlighted how beautiful it all is.

We also love the smaller inland lakes that stay warmer longer. We’re looking at your Big and Little Glen. Long Lake, Silver Lake and more. And of course, you can’t talk about the beauty of Michigan without talking about the beaches. Michigan beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, and so they are ideal for fun activities such as kayaking, hiking up sand dunes, and of course, beach town shopping.

Did you know that there are more lighthouses in Michigan than in any other state? There are 129 in all. Some of them are still used to guide ships, while others have been transformed into quaint, lakeside bed breakfasts with magnificent views.

Speaking of breakfast, if you ever visit Battle Creek, Michigan, you’ll quickly learn that the city is best known for its cereal. It’s one fascinating field trip for the kids!

In terms of food, Michigan apples are another staple. The state’s 850 family farms harvest around 30 million bushels of apples a year, and every fall, orchards and cider mills across the state open to the public for apple picking, hayrides, etc. It is a true Michigan tradition.

Michigan also plays a huge role in the US pizza chain history. Little Caesar’s, Jet’s and Hungry Howie’s all originated in Michigan. Additionally, Ann Arbor-based Domino’s started the concept of the 30-minute delivery.

Beyond the food and the natural attractions, Michigan has already made a splash when it comes to culture, sports, and the arts. The state’s cultural impact is undeniable.

Michigan, more specifically Detroit, is known as the birthplace of Motown. Michigan’s musical greatness doesn’t end there. Madonna was born in Bay City and punk rock legend Iggy Pop was from Muskegon. Techno, the popular electronic dance music genre, is also a product of the Mitten State.

And of course, we also love our sports teams, even if none of them are winning right now. Come on Pistons!

The state as a whole is just a pleasant place to be in and from, no matter the weather or the season. Michigan winter is never too cold, but it always brings the snow. It’s perfect for that cross country skiing adventure, snowmobiling or downhill skiing. There are many destinations to choose from, whether you are a beginner or a professional: Boyne Highlands, Caberfae Peaks, Crystal Mountain, Hanson Hills, and Shanty Creek.

By spring, Michigan flowers bloom, birds return, and everyone prepares to go fishing, boating, hiking biking or taking in the views long covered up by snow.  When the summer heat comes in, Michigan’s top summer destinations come to the forefront.

And of course, many people love fall in Michigan because of the lovely autumn colors, the cider mills, the fall color tours, and the relaxing Michigan weather.

Us Michiganders are a hearty brew. We could leave for warmer pastures like Florida or Alabama. But why? If you don’t go through the rough times (winter) you can’t really appreciate heaven (summers).

Livnfresh is more than a chosen brand name. It’s who we are, and it’s where we are from. We are Livnfresh and WE ARE MICHIGAN.