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Approximately 16 miles west of Detroit City, there sit Westland and its diverse cultural community. Westland is home to some of the most upscale residences. But one can also find lower-priced houses in Norwayne area. It’s known for its manufacturing businesses, construction materials, tool companies, two prominent automotive suppliers and many other modern industrial parks. With the Rouge River nearby it’s there plenty recreational activities in the city not to mention great scenic views to retreat in. And with the strategic location in the middle of Michigan expressway system, tourist can easily tour the entire city.

City Westland

Westland history

Its early settlers, the Potawatomi Indians inhabited the area during the 1700s. But not until 1824 did the non-native settlements started to arrive. In 1918, Henry Ford restored a local flour mill and started a revolutionizing the motor industry – he used the old warehouse to produce stencils needed for Ford vehicle parts. Today, Westland is known to house two of the major automotive companies.

In the 1960s, Livonia tried to annex the portion of Nankin – the place where Westland Shopping Center was to be built.  To prevent this from happening, the residents of Nankin decided to convert their town into a city and named it Westland.

Activities and Attractions

Staying in Westland on the weekends or just visiting the place is anything but a bore. Westland has a total of 17 parks including the huge Central City Park and two very interesting indoor recreational facilities.  The William P. Holliday Parkway is a popular destination for both locals and tourists because for a variety of recreational activities.

Most tourists who go in Westland wanted to see the Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village. Other famous tourist destinations include Fort Wayne, Hart Plaza, Belle Isle, and Renaissance Center. Here are some of the other fun family activities to enjoy while in Westland.  

3 and UP Board Game Lounge

If ever you are looking for a board game and wanted to try it first but can’t or you just want to try them all, this is the perfect place to do both. Kids and kids at heart will surely love the place plus it lets you put your phone down and just enjoy the moment. They offer over 1000+ board games and a good snack bar at the place. At last a place that offers no electronics just pure fun.

Holliday Nature Preserve

It’s a great hiking trail and several stream crossings. With close to 5 miles of hiking trails and mature trees around, it’s sure to beat the usual gym work out. Amazing nature view, wooded area, and close to the city makes this park a good area to just relax. There are several trails to follow and the flexibility of it makes it a popular choice. May encounter several people along the way and its best to not to go alone.

Sportway of Westland

A well-maintained place, clean different play areas at reasonable prices make this place well-loved by locals. They have really nice decorated landscaped and fun golf courses which suit beginners the best. Teenagers rave about their Go-kart which can really go fast. The place is also well laid out in which people can easily follow in the park. There are also great photo opportunities to worthy to share with friends.  

Most people come here because of its convenient location. It’s right next to Canton pottery and Wal-Mart which is like no trouble for busybodies.

Westland Historic Village Park

The Westland Historical Village is a great place to visit to know more about the city and its early beginnings. Their main house which they call ‘Octagon House’ shows different exhibits of the early pioneering days in the country. It’s good to know that these are the actual homes of the locals who worked in the land. Referred to as the clapboard houses, it’s a strong reminder of the work of the natives who lived in Westland, their ingenuity and methods of construction. Also, there are notable period pieces and inventions of the past that will surely delight young minds. There are also some modern inventions and energy saving equipment on display.

Another great exhibit is the Eureka vacuum cleaner; the company had their headquarters stationed near the city. Once you get tired, it easy enough to set up a picnic together with family, as there are plenty tables and shades to go by. Parking is not a problem here as it has an easy access from Wayne Road that is well marked as well. Because of the great scenic view of the place, some of the building accepts reservations for weddings and other special events.

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