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We get it; layovers are just a waste of precious vacation time.  But if you are one of the thousands of people heading to Denver International Airport, then here’s a list of good things to do with those hours. Whether waiting for a connecting flight or stuck because of Mother Nature’s bad temper, there are several places to visit and things to do while in DIA.  

The good thing about DIA is that there’s more to see for tourists and to do than ever before. Here’s a list of all the great things while waiting for your next boarding call.

Colorado Airport

Visit the SkyMarket

Nothing seems more refreshing than stretching those aching legs and a nice warm meal after getting off the plane from a long haul. One of the most visited places in DIA is their SkyMarket because people usually head straight to where they can get a souvenir of the famous Broncos.  Stretching of about 2,600 square foot of retail store and different restos, it serves as the main stop for most tourists. They have a wide variety of food options from healthy food to the usual fast food favorites. Some of the don’t miss stops include Sweet Action, Huckleberry coffees, and some of the state’s local crafters.  Most of the tourists settle down in their massive newsstand with a pair of coffee and entrée to go by.

Marvel at Public Art from local artists

You will be surprised with how much art collection DIA holds. Most of its amazing art collection was commissioned way before the airport opens which was about two or more decades ago.  Finding these arts is quite a challenge for some folks as they can overhead, embedded in the floor, or hidden in a nook.

Since traveling is not created equally, some may stay a wee bit longer in DIA. If you have a half day to spend, Denver’s Airport Rail is your best friend. Leaving every 15 minutes from the airport and vice versa, it can take you to the downtown area within 37 or so minutes. It’s easy to plan an entire afternoon of sightseeing and getting around on foot, by bus or taxi.

Wander around Colorado Convention Center, Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Colorado Historical Society. You can also take a quick tour of their scenic State Capital and its many parks.  Take a breather in the Denver Botanical Gardens, Elitch Gardens, or in Denver Zoo.

Stroll down in its famous Lower Downtown is known as LoDo and take a sip of their popular local breweries. With the emergence of Beer Crawl, Denver will not disappoint your belly as they have many tap houses. A visit to Coors Field is a must for those who really love sports.

If spending the night in Denver

Because of the increasing popularity of DIA, the city government put up their East Rail Line that connects the airport to downtown in just 35 minutes. This Hotel and Transit Center serves as a great way for people who will spend the night in the city. Book ahead to get the best hotel deals in the city in which you can find many in different rates.  Denver hotels don’t disappoint, even with a small town vibe, the city has great cities that of 5-star quality. Each hotel offers different amenities like free Wi-Fi, fitness center, spa services, and many more. With its easy access, even those who were tired and luggage bound tourists can definitely find a hotel most suited to their needs.

Spending some time or even a day at the airport doesn’t need to be boring and tiring. The key to every memorable travel is to plan well ahead of time and make itineraries for the whole family to enjoy.

It’s indeed amazing that you can make the most out of your time while in Colorado Airport. The next time you visit Colorado, don’t miss out the chance to visit at LIVNFRESH shop for some great items you can buy.