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Exploring bars in Colorado can be a joy. It can be particularly joyous to explore Colorado bars that have country western themes. If you want to find the best country western bars the Centennial State has to offer, be sure to check all of these gems out right away. These country bars have absolutely everything you need for an evening to remember.

Copperhead Roast Bar & Nightclub

Copperhead Roast Bar & Nightclub is a Colorado Springs establishment that’s a hub for dancing and high-quality live tunes. People love to hang out in this spirited roadhouse. It’s a popular bar option among all kinds of people. People who appreciate country tunes are often big fans of it. People who admire rock tunes are frequently big admirers as well. It has open mic evenings accessible to people who wish to show off their singing and musical skills. This is also a great place to grab tasty bar foods of all kinds. If you can’t turn away from line-dancing, this bar needs to be on your must-see list.

Cowboy Lounge

Cowboy Lounge in Denver epitomizes all of the glory of its naming. It has a roof deck that’s a fantastic spot for relaxation. It offers live music that’s thrilling and exhilarating. The people who frequent Cowboy Lounge are a pleasure, too. If you adore people watching and smiling faces, you’ll want to return to this lounge time and time again. It’s one of the greatest Colorado bars for people who like togetherness and warm folks.

Colorado Bars

The Grizzly Rose

The Grizzly Rose is yet another Denver establishment for country western aficionados. It regularly hosts musical performances for the country music genre. It’s also a widely known location for eager line-dancers. If you have a penchant for tasty cold beers, unrivaled service and excellent music in general, the Grizzly Rose is a place you need to visit as soon as possible. It’s among the best country western bars out there. Don’t forget to check out the mechanical bull.


Cowboys has a simple name that genuinely says everything. It’s located in the middle of Colorado Springs. It has so much excitement accessible to visitors. Visitors can revel in incredible live music that’s authentic and lively. They can revel in the fun of bowling lanes. They can even revel in country dance lessons that are 100 percent complimentary. Cowboys offers bar foods that are comforting and hearty. If you want to manage your appetite and have the time of your life, this is one of the country bars you have to consider.


Stampede is a dynamic nightclub that has a tried and tried country western feel. It has a spacious and attractive dancefloor for all visitors who want to put their skills and abilities on display for the world. Stampede is impressive due to the fact that it features a total of seven separate bars. It’s also beloved thanks to its happy hour options. People often visit its eatery.

Visiting these bars will be a great experience. But if you want to have the best time while in Colorado, don’t forget to drop by at LIVNFRESH shop to buy some clothes or souvenirs you will definitely wear.