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If you’re travelling through Colorado and want to meet real people, dive bars are the way to go. New places have their appeal, but heading to the best dive bars keeps more money in your pocket.

El Chapultepec

El Chapultepec has been open since 1933. While it takes a small cover charge to get inside, it’s worth it to step into Denver’s home of live music. This legendary place has been a stopover for Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton and Frank Sinatra. Its signature drink is an unforgettable tequila/crème de mint combination.

Candlelight Tavern

Home of the giant Jenga game, the Candlelight Tavern in Washington Park West is home to some of the best burgers you can get in Colorado dive bars. The jalapeno cream cheese burger comes highly recommended, but the wings aren’t shabby either. The outside looks a bit tattered, but the place has some of the best staff of any dive bars.
Dive Bars in Colorado

Vesper Lounge

The Vesper Lounge is one of the best dive bars in Denver, but it looks much nicer than average. It has a low-key vibe and a cool ambiance. The menu has a Middle Eastern touch. If you’re not feeling the gyros and Indian spices, you can just go with burgers. The staff is attentive and drinks are cheap. Don’t forget to try the famous Vesper cocktail.

Nob Hill Inn

Located just two blocks from the capitol, the Nob Hill Inn was voted the best dive bar in Denver. At least, that’s what the old sign on the door says. Located in Colfax, this place has been around since 1937 but didn’t get its current name until 1954. It has a timeless quality, and the drinks are cheap.

Lakeview Lounge

The Lakeview Lounge in Edgewater is probably one of the best dive bars in Colorado with a picturesque view. Located right across from Sloan Lake, the water scenery is spectacular. Lakeview Lounge is dog-friendly and has cheap drinks, cheaper pool and an awesome jukebox with a selection of music that spans decades. It has a cash-only bar, but there’s an ATM to suit your needs.

Benny’s Restaurant and Lounge

One of the best dive bars in Colorado is Benny’s Restaurant and Lounge. Located in Colorado Springs, this place has some of the best burgers and jalapeno poppers around. Other highlights include pool, pinball, darts and plenty of TVs. While any legal age is welcome, you’ll especially feel at home here when you’re past middle age.

Murphy’s Tavern

The way Colorado dive bars function, Murphy’s Tavern in Colorado Springs is the best place of two worlds. If you want to stay solo, it’s the ideal place for hanging with your thoughts. On the other hand, you can easily join into conversations at the bar. It’s the quintessential neighborhood bar where the laminate has seen better days. At one time, it was a gas station. It’s open year-round, even on holidays, and they take cash only.
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