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One of the best things about being in Colorado is the immediate access to nature’s beauty. You can take a step outside, and chances are you’ll immediately see something beautiful. But maybe looking out past your lawn or out the office window isn’t good enough. Maybe you want to see the best vistas Colorado has to offer. What better way to indulge in Colorado’s natural splendor than to immerse yourself right into it? Camping puts you right in the middle of a first-class exposure to the best the Centennial State has to offer, and here we’ve compiled a short list of some of the best places to camp in the state.


Little Molas Lake Campground

This lovely slice of beauty is right in San Juan national forest, but the forest is not the main draw. As the name might hint at, it’s the lake that’s the real reason to come; Andrews lake sits among the trees, with Engineer, Grand Turk, Snowdon, and Twin Sisters peaks framing the campsite. If you aren’t shy about disturbing the mirror-like water, there’s plenty of rainbow and brook trout to fish from the lake too.


Pinyon Flats Campground

Pinyon is another national park campground, this one taking advantage of the beauty of the Great Sand Dunes national park in the San Luis valley. The sand dunes are not always the first image that comes to mind for Colorado’s features, but you’ll understand quickly when you see the huge 500 ft. dunes set against the mighty mountains in the background. If you have a snowboard or skis handy, sand is just as fun to ride as snow, too…


Saddlehorn Campground

If you want to see Colorado national monument and also want to go camping, Saddlehorn is literally the only way to do it all at once. It’s not just because it’s the only choice, but there really is no competition. There’s a 23-mile scenic drive on the way there, and there’s bike trails, hiking trails, and desert back-country trails too, all showing off the famous rock formations. What a beautiful place this is.


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