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There are thousands and thousands of great and famous off-roading trails in the U.S. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, Colorado, fortunately, offers numerous excellent off-roading places which all fun and picturesque trails. With many trailheads to explore— with a mix of well-kept trails, numerous mountains, and rough terrain, as well as top-grade topography which allows for easy or challenging driving— the state of Colorado is every off-road driver’s dream. If you’re ever in Colorado and have no idea where to start your off-road driving adventure, this list is here to help you.

Off-Roading Trails in Colorado

  1. Colorado State Forest

With an abundant of Colorado scenery and wildlife, the 50-mile off-road trail awaits those who are willing to have a memorable off-roading experience with their jeep or 4WDs. While driving, wouldn’t you want to spot a moose? Well, the Colorado Forest offers just this and in fact, it is known for its moose-viewing opportunities while driving in addition to countless activities outside of its fun and thrilling off-road trails. If you are craving to escape the hectic city, take a 3-hour drive to the northwest of Denver and experience as well as explore the thousands of acres of fun.

  1. Central City/Saint Mary’s

Looking for breathtaking mountain views? Why not take yourself and your vehicle to the Central City/Saint Mary’s trail? In this sprawling network of trails, you will find and experience numerous adventures on any avenue you have picked. However, if you want the challenge of a real mountain climb on your jeep or 4WD, Yankee Hill would be the best option for you— this is one of the few trails that have extremely steep and short inclines however, it is worth the occasionally rocky terrain, which leads to views of St. Mary’s glacier and other nearby peaks. If this is not enough for you, other trails around the Saint Mary’s can also lead you up and around the glacier for more astonishing views.

  1. Alpine Loop

The scenic byway, Alpine Loop, is a well-known classic Colorado trail. Although some parts of this trail do not need a 4×4 or any vehicle, if you keep going, you’ll be able to find a 63-mile off-road terrain which would need a strong and heavy-duty off-road vehicle. With its rocky climbs and rugged trails, Alpine Loop, which is located south of Telluride, is a must-drive trail for everyone. Moreover, Alpine Loop also offers a little bit of history in which there are multiple ghost towns and ruins along the way— this is only accessible off-road.

  1. Imogene Pass

With its rugged and difficult adventure through the steep slopes in the San Juan Mountains, Imogene Pass is for sure not an easy ride, even for those who have been driving for a long time. Despite its difficulty and hard drive, it is still a joy dive. After enduring the difficult drive, you will be rewarded with many amazing views of nature; wildlife, sweeping panoramas, Instagram-worthy views, as well as an elevation of around 13,000 or more feet is what you will be greeted with at the end of your adventure.

  1. Lizard Head Pass

Are you looking for some snowcapped peaks, specifically on Purple Mountains Majesty? Then Lizard Head Pass is the trail that should be on top of your list. With its dense forest which covers the trails, a sighting of one or two mountain goats, a view of the peak’s snowy views, the 13,113-foot tall Lizard Head Mountain— which pass is in the San Juan Mountains— offers just what every off-road driver seek and need. Due to the many things it offers, Lizard Head Pass has become a popular spot for many off-road drivers and campers, making it a perfect place for a weekend stop. Furthermore, avid skiers might be drawn to Lizard Head for an off-road adventure and its proximity to Telluride has made it an ideal spot for some off-season sports.

  1. Kelly Flats

Despite its name, which has the word “flat” in it, the Kelly Flats offers just the opposite of this. Prepare yourself for a “Heart Attack” for the Kelly Flats’ main claim to fame is its extremely steep drop called the “Heart Attack Hill”, at the beginning of the trail. Although it can be fun and your adrenaline might kick in, it is important to be careful along this long drive up the ridge for some vehicles may be prone to roll over. If you endure the “heart attack” and the difficulty that this trail offers, you will for sure be rewarded with the Chutes— a short but challenging ride through an outcrop of boulders as well as plenty of amazing sights between the trail’s most treacherous hills. Since this is one of Colorado’s most difficult routes, this trail is made by nature for pro and experienced road drivers and off-road junkies ready for a challenge.

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