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One of the best things about the beautiful countryside is that there’s many ways to enjoy it. Some people like to enjoy nature with a book in hand, an iced tea close by, leaned back in a lounge chair with hardly a sound but the pages of their book. Other people like to enjoy it at a sustainable running speed, the goal still a few kilometers away. Colorado is a lovely place, and if you fall into the latter of the two groups, this article is for you. Here are some of the 5K and 10K races the Centennial State has to offer, with some details on what they’re about.


Bolder Boulder 10K

I’ll bet you can’t guess what city this one takes place in. Boulder, CO has a fun reputation, and nothing quite epitomizes it as the Bolder Boulder. So many people take part in this running event, and who can blame them? Runner’s World itself marked this 10K as the best in America. And if you’re looking for inspirations, 555 people completed this in less than 40 minutes last year, which is a crazy pace for the length of this run. This year’s race was May 28 (Memorial Day), so expect another one for Memorial Day next year.

Evergreen Town Race

Want to make a personal best for your 5K or 10K? How does a downhill course sound? Evergreen hosts a race divided into 5K and 10K courses, and both descend downhill, the 5K ending 247’ lower and the 10K finishing 426’ below the starting line’s altitude. What better way to enjoy Colorado than a running race with verticality built in? If this sounds like your cup of tea, the race begins August 5.


Fortitude 10K

Remember how we opened up with the Bolder Boulder? Well, the Fortitude 10K was designed by the same people, and is brand new and full of energy, so that should give an idea of how fun it is. Fort Collins hosts this race, and this one is held on Labor Day. The race ends at CSU’s stadium, where there is a festive congratulations ceremony.

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