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If you’re wondering how deep Lake Michigan is, you should know that this is kind of a multifaceted question. Where most people are used to lakes that are shaped like a ‘U’ or a ‘V’ that only have one primary deep area (and that area being the middle of the lake), the sheer size of Lake Michigan (and its other Great Lakes neighbors) have made it so there are actually quite a few deep and shallow spots throughout.

That being said, you’re probably looking for how deep the deepest part of Lake Michigan is, and that is 922 feet (153 fathoms). You can find this part of the lake if you go west of the Upper and Lower Herring Lakes. In this Lake Michigan 3D nautical wood chart, you can see it plainly pretty easily in the center.


On the other hand, if you are looking for the average depth of Lake Michigan, that’s 279 feet (46 fathoms). The other deep parts of Lake Michigan run a range between 370 and 830 feet.  However, those too are pretty far from the shoreline and you likely won’t encounter anything near any of these depths if you’re just heading to the lake to swim.

Can I Go Diving in Lake Michigan?

Absolutely! And for being a lake (as opposed to say somewhere in the Caribbean), there are some very cool things to see when down there. However, it’s not the natural underwater flora and fauna that are going to keep your attention, the dozens of shipwrecks that liter Lake Michigan are well worth checking out. Obviously some are going to be more interesting than others, but a quick chat with any diving gear rental place should get you moving -or diving- in the right direction.


After a dive, you’ll probably be feeling a little chilly after getting out of the water, and our Great Lakes Girl Twist Funnel Neck Pullover is an excellent and stylish way for women to get and stay warm for the rest of your day at the lake or in town.


For the fellas, toss on this Lake Michigan Unsalted basic hoodie for a comfortably warm fit and a cool look.