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Yes, we know all about Downtown Denver, zip lining, skiing, mountains, tours, restaurants, and drinking places in Denver. But do you ever hear about the beaches of Denver, Colorado? Exactly. Let us assure you, beaches in Denver do exist. Technically, they’re not really your average huge beaches, but they definitely still seem like one. So, we have listed the top “beaches” to visit in Denver so you can start making your way into the sandy and sunny beaches!

Rocky Mountain Beach

Although it’s a small beach and cannot be compared to all of the other huge beaches, the view, however, is spectacular with mountains in the background and marina on the right. Furthermore, it is free, family-friendly, and you can even bring your dog here with you. In this small beach, you can rent a paddle board and even go for a boat ride a

round the lake for an hour and a half for only $20.00 per person. From the reviews online, it is obvious that despite its size, the Rocky Mountain Beach offers a great number of activities, striking views, and food for you, your friends or family, to enjoy.

Confluence Park

Are you in the middle of the city and craving for sand and sun rays? Well, the Confluence Park is about as beachy as it gets in the middle of the city. Confluence Park Beach is just a patch of sand a small body of water located along the Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. In this “beach”, you are able to go swimming, kayaking, and floating. If you get tired of swimming or kayaking, you are also able to walk, cycle, or run along the picturesque paths along the Confluence Park to relax and get a little bit of exercise in. It’s a perfect place to take a break from the city, cool down in the summer by dipping your feet in the water, as well as relax by looking at the view.

Denver, Colorado

Chatfield State Park

This park’s reservoir is the perfect location to bask in Colorado’s warm rays and soak in the beautiful view of the Rocky Mountain foothills. With plenty of beach activities such as barbecuing, wildlife viewing, hiking, and watersports, this place is definitely one of the most popular destinations in metro Denver.

Boulder Reservoir

During summer, this Reservoir can be packed. So, planning a visit here can be quite tough if you don’t want many people around. Although not a camping beach, you are still able to do the things you would do at one— boating, swimming, kayaking, skiing, and having a picnic. There’s even a lifeguard on watch at all times so you can be ensured that this is a safe place for you, your friends, and family!

Aurora Reservoir

When you go to the eastern suburb of Denver, Aurora, you will find the Aurora Reservoir. Just approximately a 45-minute drive from the city of Denver, Reservoir offers over 800 acres of water surface for boating, fishing, swimming, beaches, the AQUA Lounge learning center, a scuba area, as well as an eight-mile hiking trail. In fact, the name “The Best Park for Fishing” belongs to this Reservoir! This Reservoir has a decent sized beach perfect for tanning and swimming. If you’re out swimming, paddle boarding, boating, or fishing, don’t worry, there are lifeguards watching at all times. The view of nature here is amazing— cleanly and a lot of things to learn about. If you can take the 45-minute drive, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit this amazing Reservoir.

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