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During spring, many students are on their spring-breaks and although the spring can still feel like winter in Denver, there is a wide variety of activities that many are able to enjoy in the city. When spring is mentioned, the first thing in your mind would be rain, the color green, flowers, and rising temperatures. However, in the city of Denver, it can be quite different. In Denver, spring can feel like the usual spring… but it can also feel like the dead of winter. Spring in Denver can be quite unpredictable so, we have gathered a number of things to do in Denver during spring that is available for you to enjoy at different conditions. Whether you are on a spring break, touring Denver, visiting friends and family during spring, or just bored, you can take this list into consideration.

History Colorado Center

Opened in 2012 in Denver’s Golden Triangle Museum District, the History of Colorado Center became an award-winning tourist destination that makes Colorado history fun and has exciting new exhibits, programmes, workshops, and performances. Being a hub for learning and entertainment as well as a place to shop and dine, this place sparks curiosity and ignites the imagination.

APEX Movement

If you want to do something active, get fit, but also have fun indoors while the spring rainfall comes around, APEX Movement is the way to go. In fact, many TV program athletes train at APEX Movement in Boulder. As kids, Parkour has always been in every single one of us. From jumping off swings, hopping over cracks in the sidewalks, to climbing trees, Parkour was installed to us from the beginning. Moreover, APEX Movement offers classes, birthday parties, as well as an open gym so you or your kids can challenge themselves the Ninja Warrior way.

Hammonds Candy Factory Tour

Got a sweet tooth? Then taking a tour of the wonderful Hammonds Candy Factory is a must! Hammond’s complimentary factory tours are not only fun but also educational for all candy lovers out there. Hundreds of tourists and locals gather together at this factory to see how their handcrafted and famous candy canes, lollipops, and ribbon candy are pulled, twisted, and made by hand.

Mid-air Adventures

Mid-Air adventures offer an active, unique, but still safe experience for guests of all ages. In their 12,000 square feet facility, guests are able to freely play around on their giant swings, 20’ climbing wall, indoor zip lines, slides, rope bridges, as well as their toddler area for the younger ones. All participants are fitted in a harness before they receive safety instructions from a trained staff. Furthermore, Mid-air Adventures are also able to host birthday parties and highly trained staffs take care of the kids while parents take pictures, also have fun, or enjoy conversations with each other.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

To those who are nature lovers or/and science geeks, this museum is a must-visit during springtime. It has been about 100 years since the Denver Museum of Nature & Science has been the center of cultural experience in Denver. Visitors are able to explore the museum which is maze filled with treasures of the Earth— expect to see dinosaurs, science experiments, a digital planetarium, dioramas, space exhibits, touring shows, as well as IMAX theatre.


When the weather is feeling extra generous and giving you good temperature and amount of sunlight, hiking should be on the top of your to-do list! Some of Denver’s best hiking trails can be found in the western slope, including Red Rocks, Matthews/Winters, Deer Creek, Evergreen, and so much more.

Tattered Cover Book Store

One of the nation’s largest and famous independent bookstore, The Tattered Cover Book Store, often hosts free signings by some of the world’s most famous authors, offer free Wi-Fi, and hundreds of good books! This bookstore is a large indie bookstore and cafe that offer coziness and comfort, just like smaller bookshops, with snug sofas as well as a world-class newsstand. So what are you waiting for? Get reading and comfortable at the Tattered Cover Book Store!

Denver Botanic Gardens

Springs are all about the blooming of nature, therefore, enjoying the beautiful flowers at the Denver Botanic Gardens sounds ideal. Take a stroll while enjoying the beauty of nature as you inhale the surrounding fresh air

Colorado State Capitol Tour

Why not tour the splendid, gold-domed Colorado Capitol Building during spring? In this place, you are able to stand precisely a mile high on the steps, witness Allen True’s alluring murals, listen in on the Colorado General Assembly, as well as check out the gorgeous Rose Onyx wainscoting.

Farmers Market

Although Denver is a major city in Colorado, there are still hundreds of nearby farms across the Front Range. Therefore, there is no scarcity of fresh produce to fill the city’s farmers’ markets. In addition to this, there are also humanely-raised meats, prepared foods, fresh flowers, baked foods, and artisanal personal care products readily available in these farmers’ markets. But no, the fun does not end there. In these markets, you are also able to enjoy live music, food vendors, and flea markets! If you are ever out and about in Denver during spring, you should look into one of the farmers’ market and have your own farmer’s market experience.

First Friday Art Walks

The First Friday Art Walks are the signature event of Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe with numerous galleries, cultural attractions, as well as studios. Denver’s art districts stay open until late night during the first Friday of every month and people are able to enjoy a night of art, drink, food, and fun!

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