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When your flight lands you to Denver International Airport, wasting time sitting on a cold bench would be just a thing of the past. Denver International Airport, DIA or popularly known today as DEN is the largest airport in the country in terms of total area. Measuring a massive 53 square miles, it ranks as the 5th busiest airport in America. About 10 million people headed on its tarmac most of the times, it served as the center of operations for United and Southwest airlines. How impressive is DEN? It was voted as the Best Airport in North America not just for one year but for six years running from 2005 to 2010 according to Time Magazine in their Business Traveler Magazine.

Denver International Airport

But what makes DEN so impressive?

It’s unique architectural design

Of all the airports in the world, DEN has one of the most unique and sophisticated designed roofs. Probably because the state wants to incorporate their famous snow-capped Rocky Mountains and the Native American teepees that once dominated the landscapes.  

DEN comprises of the Jeppesen Terminal where the usual check-in and baggage claims happen. But it also has several shops and dining options for travelers as well as car rental and the three concourses namely, A, B, and C. Everything is accessible via a post-security airport transit system. One highly visited spot in DEN is Concourse A where a pedestrian bridge connects it to the Jeppesen Terminal. It has an overview of the taxing planes and the magnificent Rockies.

Its eco-friendly initiatives

One of the most amazing thing about DEN is its initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint in every way. The attention-grabbing white canopy roof lets natural light inside reducing electric usage. This makes the entire airport beaming with daylight. They incorporate natural gas that heats and powers most of the airport facilities. DEN placed a very extensive and thorough recycling program in every corner. For even more convenience, they have water-filling stations in each terminal and even vehicle charging outlets in the garage.

Shopping strip

DEN basically covered pretty much everything when it comes to shopping choices. They have several shops located at the Jeppesen Terminal including See’s Candy, Sunglass Express, Hudson News, and Bose stores. Don’t forget to visit their local souvenir shops and their duty-free shops. There are several more options in Concourse B and C such as Brookstone, Swarovski, TUMI, MAC, Johnston & Murphy, Mile High Harley Davidson, The Body Shop and Bluewire and Team Store.

Dining Options

If you want to grab real ‘land’ food or just itching to get some good old fast comfort food, the Jeppesen Terminal has several dining options. Restos in this part of the airport include Taco Bell, Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC/Pizza Hut, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Dunkin Donuts, Jamba Juice and Einstein Bagels. As Denver is known for being a health-conscious city, they also offer other gluten-free options. For something different and little more upscale, you can try Mesa Verde Bar & Grill, Vino Volo wine bar, and Denver ChopHouse.

Going hungry is the least of your problem in DEN unless you have a late night flight. Most of these shops close by 9 pm as any other normal stores in the country.  But most of the times, where you just want to stretch your legs, grab a bite, and just sit undisturbed while waiting for the flight, DEN offers a very comfortable layover.

It’s proximity to the city center

Located just about 25 to 30 minutes northeast of Downtown Colorado, you may find it very enticing to have a quick visit. With a lot of options and easy access like SkyRide and buses leaving every now and then, a tour of the metropolitan city is never too far away. As more people headed to DEN, the state put up a very organized RTD which operates well even in late night hours until 3:30 am to midnight. But because you have the convenience of travel at your fingertips, Uber and Lyft is just a tap away. The estimated fare from DEN runs about $55 to $70.  

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