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Several years ago, Denver dreamed of a light rail system for the city’s metropolitan area. It aims to decongest the growing population of Denver which was starting to boom back then. For some reason, its construction never began as state officials made a decision not to pursue the original plan because of certain cost and the constructions operations. The subway system never saw the light of day, but it was not forgotten.

But Denverites being Denverites, the decision didn’t damper their spirits. What they do instead? Build a massive walkable city that’s pedestrian friendly, biker friendly, and more importantly eco-friendly. Their entire commute is one of the most pleasant vibes across the country. With parks in almost every corner of the city, pathways interlinking them lined with great restos and shops, most Denverites would rather hop on a bike than drive a car.

It’s a common thing in Denver to walk around or ride a bike when doing errands. But when the situation calls for it, their public transportation is one of the most well access even without a subway system.

The easy commute and the availability of public transportation set Denver apart from other states.

Denver subway

Riding the bus around the city

The first thing anyone will notice in the Mile High City is the super user-friendly website of the Regional Transportation District. It’s complete with information for routes, fares, and other important information. They also have a customer care hotline for those who are not tech savvy but want to know which bus goes where. Denverites are known to be super friendly and can even help tourists plan their visit complete with what bus to take with route numbers and fares.

As with any other bus routes, they have a list of the routes that each bus take marked with red and white signs.  Always check the route number, and bus stops literally mark every street in the city. Equipped with an electronic sign, this makes it easier for commuters to read the bus numbers or routes of each bus. Keep in mind though that drivers do not carry change, so make sure to always have an exact change. Because it does get busy at times, and not everyone has the ability to memorize all routes, they have transfer slip for those ‘oh-oh’moments when tourists realize they are on the wrong route. But to really save money, book tickets in advance or get the pass programs.

Riding the light rail

Another great thing about Denver is their light rail offers Park-n-Ride area where tourists or residents can park for free. So, if you really want to explore the hidden wonders of Colorado, hopping into their light rail would be a great start. Before riding the light rail, you need to have a validated ticket which you can purchase from the machines located in the vicinity. The light rail has four fare zones, A, B, C, and Airport. Tourists, especially those who have long layover hours take advantage of this commute so they can explore the city using the light rail. The train stops at every station, so it’s easy to navigate on these routes.

The Airport Rail

Denver’s Airport Rail makes Denver International Airport one of the popular ones. Even on long layovers, the Airport Rail provides quick access from airport to city. Just recently opened a couple of years ago, the train leaves every 15 minutes with an average 37 minutes travel time from the city going back to the airport. Fares are relatively cheap, which makes it really popular. But don’t forget to bring in your carry-on and your passport for an easier commute.

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