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With over 680,000 people, the capital city of Colorado, Denver, is full of activities that everyone with different interests can enjoy. Did you know that Denver records over 300 days of sunshine per year? That’s more sunshine compared to San Diego and Miami Beach—imagine almost a whole year of sunshine! So, we have listed all of the entertaining activities that you can do in the city of Denver.

Mount Evans Tour

To those of you who enjoy being in nature and the fresh air, you can tour around Mount Evans, one of Colorado’s highest 14ers, and witness the dramatic ranges of the Continental Divide. From its accessible summit, you witness the surrounding views of alpine lakes, glacier valleys, and other dramatic mountain peaks. As you make your way up the scenic route, you pass through five climate zones. In addition to this, as you watch the landscape change, you also see animals such as bighorn sheep, mountain goats, local wildflowers, and other wildlife. Led by a tour guide, you are able to see native wildlife in their naturally beautiful and scenic environment. This is indeed a beautiful getaway from the hectic and crowded city!

Multi-car 65 Mile Canyon Road Test Drive

How does driving a Lamborghini or specialized Porsche along 500+ turns on a 65-mile, 3 canyons drive outside of Golden, CO. sound to you? Sounds quite amazing yet unbelievable right? Well with the Multi-car 65 Mile Canyon Road Test Drive, you are able to accelerate along thousand feet straightaways and around hairpin curves in order to test-drive premium supercars (you can even change cars halfway!). As you drive and look to your side, you’ll be seeing yourself driving into the hills and proceed into the canyons, where the real fun begins—more than 500+ turns through pine and cedar forests, past roaring streams and rivers, as well as across open straightaways. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to have a road-trip and explore some of the best driving roads in North America while driving a Lamborghini or a specialized Porsche.

Things to do in Denver

Elitch Gardens Theme Park

Being America’s only downtown area theme and waterpark operating on 63 acres, Elitch Gardens Theme Park is a place to go to if you, your friends, or family want to have a good time. The theme park offers 50 rides, live entertainment, shopping, and lots of food! In addition, Elitch Gardens Theme Park is also known to have a breath-taking view of Denver from 20 stories high on their Observation Tower or from 200 feet on the Tower of Doom. This park is a must-go-to make memories that are worth repeating.

Darkside of Denver Ghost Tours

The Darkside of Denver Ghost tour offers a bunch of research and investigated stories as well as Denver’s most haunted buildings; get ready to be introduced to the tunnels beneath Denver and its dark history. This tour has been said to be very well thought out, entertaining, and well worth doing. Going beyond the spooky parts, you are able to learn a handful of interesting historical facts about Denver—you will walk away with lots of knowledge about Denver and it’s the kind of tour that has you researching even more after the tour. With a rating of 5/5 on TripAdvisor, this tour has said to have “nice, funny, and entertaining tour guides” as well as “not overly scary parts but still spooky, leaving some people feeling a bit uneasy.”

Downtown Denver Food Tour

To all the foodies in Denver, taking the Downtown Denver Food Tour sounds heavenly. In this three-hour walking tour, you are able to try seven different tastings from some of Denver’s top places to eat. It won’t just be your hunger and thirst that will be quenched in this tour but also quenches your thirst for knowledge. As you go on with the tour, you will be learning about the history of the different dishes you’re going to be eating as well as the unique history of Denver.

Things to do in Denver

Denver Inside and Out

If you’d like to explore what Downtown Denver has to offer, why not do it in a fun way and have a scavenger hunt? Denver Inside and Out has created an urban scavenger hunt for people to explore around Downtown Denver—but don’t get too distracted, this scavenger hunt should only last two hours and around two miles of walking. With 10 questions, this hunt starts off at the Capital and ends at Little Man Ice Cream in LoHi; the Adult hunt is way harder than the family hunt. With this fun activity, you are able to tour around the city while exercising your brain as well as your body!


To those who just want to be laid back and learn more about Denver and the world, going to museums in Denver is a must do. Denver offers a variety of museums—such as the Museum of Nature and Science for science nerds, the Denver Art Museum for artistic folks, History Colorado Center for those who love a little (or a lot) of history, and so much more. There is a wide range of museums in Denver that fits everyone’s taste. Museums not only offers cool things to look at, they also offer a truck-load of knowledge about the world and you will definitely leave the museum feeling and be smarter.

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